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He held Damia’s frozen body tightly in his steadfast embrace. A man’s body was usually hotter than a woman’s and even more so when he was in heat. He was very hot. A drowsy sigh flowed from Damia’s lips, which had become close to his body.

“Ah, yes…”

He was so warm. The heat coming off from his smooth and solid muscles was so pleasant; it was giving her goosebumps.

Her body, which was too cold, instinctively searched for warmth, causing Damia to rubbed her cheek on his shoulder without realizing it. Akkard couldn’t miss this moment. The moment he saw Damia, who didn’t refuse his touch, his string of reason that he had endured was utterly gone.


He grabbed Damia’s hand and unhurriedly had her caress his chest muscles and abs. His solid body writhing under the palm of her hand was overwhelming erotic.

Damia blankly looked up at Akkard’s face, intoxicated by the masculine sensualness of his body. Then Akkard, who licked his red lips, whispered again with a lewd smile,

“Yes, Damia. Now, only look at me. Don’t think about anything else.”

His sexy voice seemed to melt her ears. The most expensive courtesans in the capital probably aren’t as thrillingly sexy as him.

Damia was captivated by his deadly beauty. The smiling Akkard suddenly pushed her down over the carriage seat.


She blinked in amazement, and his big body that was emitting heat laid her down. Eventually, his eyes looking down at the poor prey caught in his trap turned red with desire.

“Don’t worry—it will be so hot, it’ll melt you.”

Something went wrong. It was a huge mistake to be captivated by a predator and not be on guard.

With his head down, he bit the delicate neck of his prey. He felt the extraordinary excitement of sucking her thin skin vigorously. He was thrilled to chew right above her pulsating artery with the tip of his fangs, afraid it was going to be eaten alive.

He licked her collarbone, protruding towards his stuck-out tongue, and hurriedly pulled down the front of her dress. But the wet cloth stuck to the skin, so it didn’t go down well.


A harsh word seemed to flow out of his lips with a sharp tooth. Even though he acted like an adolescent with his first encounter with a woman and thought he looked like a fool, he was enjoying himself immensely.


The hem of the dress, which could not overcome his passion, was torn apart. Above her tight corset, the obscene outlines of her swelling breasts were revealed. When he reached out and pulled out one breast, the pink nipple erect at the tip of the breast he grasped made him go crazy.

“Oh, Dami.”

What do I do about it being so sexy and pretty? Akkard groaned a sigh and ravenously rushed and coveted the nipple.


Damia’s waist lifted up when he strongly sucked her upright nipple. Akkard reached for the opposite chest, caressing it with his tongue.

The texture of her moist and jiggly breast stuck to the palm of his hand was incredible, and Akkad rubbed and sucked her breasts greedily to his heart’s content. Then, Damia’s body, which was as cold as a mermaid fresh out of the water, was gradually warming up.

‘Are you excited?’

His mouth dried up thinking so. Damia’s white body, which was light pink, was bright and pretty like a pearl.

Neither her disgusting step-brother nor Lessid, who made people mad, could touch this woman. Only he knew this woman’s nakedness and her lewd appearance.

When he thought about that, the man’s sneaky urge to monopolize was tightly filled

He instinctively grabbed Damia’s ass cheeks and rubbed his penis between her flat lower abdomen and between her open legs. He was just rubbing it on top of her clothes, but blood was already rushing to the tip of his shaft and swelling hard like a candy.

“Oh, no!”

Damia trembled and tried to push him away. But after starving for so long, he was already in no condition to control himself.

“Stay still, Damia, if you don’t want to see me go crazy.”

Akkard, who pressed her down, warned fiercely.

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  1. Well….wasn’t her actions what gave him the sign that she is okay with that? even if it wasn’t intentional. I feel like the author just wants this to happens bw them. I mean she can refuse, right? but she went to his carriage, sat in besides him, accepted his coat & his embrace. If you really hated him for not respecting you and treating you properly as stated in previous chs, for sure you shouldn’t allow him to touch you this easily. It’s like she actually & secretly likes what he’s doing but then will become angry bc he keeps treating her like pro*titute 🙂 I don’t know if some readers have the same thoughts as me but for now i hate them both…☺️

    1. Lmfao I completely agree with you. She keeps allowing this man to use her as his sex toy then complain afterwards. And the only thing the other commenters talk about is him falling for her like wtf? Do the people that read this have a brain. They only think with their perversions just like akkard.

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