PCP – 61

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This must have been a sign from God. It would be an omen to taste that sweet body again until he grew sick of it and thoroughly shake off the lingering feelings he had for Damia’s Primula.

Akkard licked his fangs and laughed. Before he got off the carriage, he didn’t even bother with glancing at the mirror inside. His appearance, one of his biggest weapons, would be flawless as usual.


Akkard pulled out his most seductive voice. Like a siren to luring in sailors with her voice.

“Stop getting rained on and come into the carriage.”

The bass resonating through the humid night air was even pleasing to his ears. Damia’s gaze finally looked his way as if drawn to him.

Akkard looked at his face reflected in those pretty eyes. The man with glowing tanned skin, slightly damp hair had eyes shining with lust. He wanted to eat the whole girl in front of him without leaving a bone behind.

It was troublesome. Akkard quickly hid his hungry predator-like eyes and disguised his desires with a more caring voice as he beckoned her again:

“Stop being stubborn. You’ll catch a cold.”

It was that moment. Damia’s gaze that was studying him looked to the ground as if contemplating something.


When she looked up at him again again, her eyes had already changed. It was as if she has resigned to something.

Her blue eyes, containing no light, looked like broken sapphires. When Akkard met that gaze something felt hollow and eerie in the corner of his heart. But with no time to reflect on the reason, Damia got into his carriage.

“…..then excuse me.”

At last, she came into his domain with her own two feet.

Akkard took a deep breath. She sat beside her, smelling of flowers and sweet, wet flesh. It was the smell of Damia Primula.

As soon as he breathed it in, his body started to heat up. Akkard watched her, licking his chomps. Her white skin covered in droplets looked very soft, and the voluminous breasts shining in the front of her dress made him hungry.

He wanted to taste and swallow her up right away, but the memory of his previous failed hunts made him a more cautious predator.

“You must be cold. Here, wear this to keep warm.”

Akkard put a coat around her shoulders in a gesture of self-control and to lower Damia’s guard.

“……thank you.”

It must have been cold, but Damia did not refuse his offer. Her fingers shook as she clasped the collar of his overcoat around her shoulders.

After shivering in the rain for a long time, she was exhausted and weak. Akkard, as usual with bad guys, was looking for an opportunity before thinking about Damia.

“If you don’t warm up soon, you’ll catch a cold,”

murmuring into her ear, he reached out and embraced Damia’s shoulder. Dami’s body grew stiff. She fell awkwardly into his arms, and then she pulled away, acting as if she did not know his intentions.

“Come, give me your hands.”

When Akkard was in his seducing mode, he knew how to keep going without giving his opponent a chance to breathe. Damia let him hold her hand without refusing him. He was alarmed,

“… it’s cold.”

The hands held together were too cold. Her wet skin was as moist and soft as touching the belly of a freshly caught fish from icy waters.

Concerned, Akkard touched her cheek. When his hot hands reached her, Damia sighed and closed her eyes. Apart from her feelings, his body temperature, which warmed up her freezing body, was so sweet that she became fatigued.

‘Oh……right, I should ask Lord Akkad about what we heard in the locker that day.’

Damia managed to recall her business with a weary head. She opened her mouth, raising her trembling hand, pushing Akkard’s shoulder.

“Sir Akkard…”

Unfortunately, cunning Akkard wasn’t finished. He grabbed Damia’s hand, trying to push him away, and kissed her on her soft palm. And he started to lick between her fingers.

Her cold, soft hands with a pleasing scent were like ice chips. His hot lips and tongue rubbed the sweet skin to his heart’s content. Damia tried to pull her hand away, but Akkard quickly asserted,

“Shh, don’t worry, Damia. Now only think about warming up,”

Akkard followed up by tearing off his shirt. His muscular upper body was revealed. Just looking at it was overwhelming.


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  1. If this guy keeps thinking with his pants he will definitely not make the MC fell in love with him, oh wait yeah his heart is even more frozen than Kamia’s current body temperature…. in my prediction i will enjoy watching him falling in love with her FIRST 🤣🤣🤣

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