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Since his day started like that, Akkard was naturally in a bleak mood.

He was supposed to visit Count Ferira’s estate for work today. There, Lesid Ferira made people run around. He spotted Akkard glancing at a small frame and laughed.

“Ah, that? It’s a portrait that I received as a gift. Isn’t it pretty, right?

“…… a portrait? That doodle?”

The frowning Akkard asked again in disbelief. The character in the painting certainly looked like a person with blond hair and white face, but it was painted so much that it was hard to see the dirty mess unless one was afar.

It wasn’t a portrait; it was an abstract impressionistic painting at best. Akkard’s despairing expression made Lesid smile with a relaxed expression.

“Oh, my! If you knew who the lady was, you would be sorry you said such a thing.”

“So what?”

He couldn’t imagine who it might be to upset him further. When Akkard said so, Lesid’s mouth twitched with a fox-like glee.

“You know her well, don’t you?… Damia Primula,” whispered Lesid.

It was a name that he loathed to hear the most today. Irritated, Akkard glared annoyingly at Lesid’s lips. His delicate lips, which seemed to be drawn with the thinnest fountain pen, ended up mockingly smiling at him.

“You don’t know, but Miss Damia and I took classes from the same art tutor when I was young. We had a great time. I even got a portrait full of sincerity as a gift.”

I and her have a history that you don’t know. After showing off, Lesid’s face was in high spirits.

Had it been him normally, Akkard would not even have lifted his eyebrows at his bluff. But was it because of his dream this morning? Because right now, he wanted to hit that pleased face.

If it weren’t for work, he would have done so. However, it was not possible for a colleague on the same boat to exchange physical blows. Thus, Akkard used words instead of fists to slap Lesid in the face.

“Why don’t you take care of your little sister if you’re set on the girl?”

“……what do you mean?”

Lesid’s eyes narrowed as he felt a loaded meaning from Akkard’s brief words.

“What are you talking about?”

Akkard smiled insidiously as he recalled the pleasant conversation he had overheard in the locker.


After taking joy in stepping on Lesid’s nose, Akkard headed back home. But the satisfaction was short-lived. It was still raining, so his mood turned dismal again.

How did one from the dry, warm south get used to this annoying northern weather? The damp moisture was a nuisance. Akkard swept back his pale hair and unbuttoned the tanned shirt. He felt a little uncomfortable with the thin fabric sticking to his front chest muscles.

‘I can’t wait to get home.’

The horseman, who noticed his owner’s thoughts, diligently drove the horse. Akkard closed his eyes, catching a refreshing night breeze through a gap in the window. The smell of the wet forest permeated through his fluttering hair.

But the running in the middle of the night didn’t last that long. At some point, he registered the carriage slowing down, and then it completely stopped.

‘What’s going on?’

He heard the driver talking to someone in front of him, and the other person was speaking in an awkward tone as if he was in trouble.

“I’m Count Primula’s horseman. My lady’s carriage was stuck in the rain because the wheels fell off. Could you please help me?”

……Whose carriage?

Akkard’s eyes shone like a leopard lurking in the shade.

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  1. Not you thinking of an opportunity of the morning dream lurking like a leopard in the night at the mention Of her name😂 Aklard is too much! Thanks translators I’ve been waiting patiently for an update😍

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