PCP – 6

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His wet, slippery fingers stroked over her clitoris. Blood red it shyly poke out from it’s hiding place between soaked petals as if only it had come out and waited for his touch.

As soon as his hand touched it, Damia’s slender curved lower abdomen contracted freely, shaking her body. His thick, deft fingers had made her culminate.

“I just touched it, did you let go? Oh, my God, you’re so indecent.”

Damier could not retort to his teasing. With her head tilted, she trembled with the afterglow of the climax.

Her curly red hair shook like waves, and in between, her fairy-like side face flushed red and shed tears. When Akkard saw this, he suddenly caught Damia’s eyes.

‘Truthfully, she has one of the prettiest faces I’ve seen, she must make men go nuts.’

That’s why he fell for her clumsy temptation last night. Knowing that it was not even funny, he said it was a cliche he had already experienced a hundred times, but he held on to her white fingertips.

The face that made him throw his caution away into the wind looked up at him with anxiety, was so pretty.

A superb fragrance was emitted from her slender neck. Akkard, unwittingly rubbed the tip of his nose and breathed in heavily. And like a lion marking its prey, he put his teeth on the edge of her neck.


All the pain made her shiver with pleasure. The nape of her neck was defiled from the side.

Hot lips sucked, kissed and bit from neck to shoulder to collarbone. Finally, after a kiss on her soft breast he raised his head to Damia’s eyes. He laughed at Damia’s disheveled appearance under him.

“Flowers are all over your body.”

Damia looked down at her body. His kiss marks on her pale skin looked unusually red. There were so many marks between the collarbone and the chest that it, indeed, looked like red petals had been scattered on top of her.

What if it doesn’t come off?

Damia, who had never had a hickey before, was puzzled. Her fingertips curiously brushed over the kiss marks left on her chest. When Akkard saw her innocent expression, he laughed out loud, highly amused at her cuteness, and kissed Damia’s collarbone.

“It’ll be gone within a week, so don’t worry.”

‘Of course if there isn’t another tryst before that.’

Akkard thought inwardly, coveting Damie’s tender flesh. Her smooth yet moist skin felt like silk, her curvaceous and voluminous body, the shy character combined with the contradicting lewdness of her wonderful body needed to be tasted and savored a little bit more.


While she was distracted by the kiss marks, Akkard revealed his member, which had twitching and kicking to be acknowledged. Damia looked down reflexively and was horrified.

Last night, it was dark and it was her first time, so she couldn’t see what the man’s equipment looked like. But now it was a sunny morning. Damia was surprised to see a man’s penis naked for the first time in a bright place.

“How could that have gone into my body!”

It was a little scary. It was as huge as a child’s forearm, it was veiny and ferocious-looking with its tip glistening with transparent fluid. It’s scary to think that it’s going to go into her most vulnerable place.

Damia pulled back a little without realizing it. But Akkard immediately reached out and held her under her lap, and pulled her towards himself.

“Come now. You’re gonna run away? That’s too much.”

Akkard mounted above her, stroked her cheek and whispered. His eyes were expressionless as he was about to lose reason due his considerable desire. There was a creepy anticipation as if there was a wild wolf just around the corner.

He must be going mad, Akkard endured it for too long. Damia was in pain in the aftermath of the day before, so he had paid special attention to caressing her and dedicating a lot of time to foreplay.

Of course, the extra attention I gave her had nothing to do with having affection for Damia whom I met only just yesterday.

His cock, which had been fully erected for a while, turned dark red because of too much blood. Finally, he took it to Damie’s wet opening and Akkard began to shake his waist. Then the thick tip slipped on her arousal fluid, and began to rub through the inside of her soft petals.

“Oh, it’s rubbing…It feels weird…”

He poked her mouth teasingly. Damia panted in anticipation and anxiety as if something thick and hot would rush in and crush her. Everytime she was afraid of being pierced Akkard’s tip would instead press firmly on her clitoris and sweet sighs and coos naturally leaked out.

“It’s not weird, it’s good. You’ve already been trying to suck me in here.”

He laughed as he penis stroked over her vagina, Akkard rubbing to his heart’s content. Then, Damia’s face lost in a haze of pleasure, had reddened to her neck and the red glow of arousal traveled to her breasts. It was such a look that made a man so dynamic.

‘Oh, shit. It’s cute.’


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  1. “Of course, the extra attention I gave her had nothing to do with having affection for Damia whom I met only just yesterday.”

    Wait until he realizes that he’s madly attracted to Damia…

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