PCP – 59

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On that day, Akkard felt very low. As he looked out the window, he muttered to himself.

“It’s raining.”

He didn’t like rainy days very much. It was because it tended to make people too sentimental. Just like the soil soaked in the rain flowed down and revealed the trash buried under it, his repressed thoughts were also revealed.

“Oh, no, sir Akkard……”

Damia’s white and smooth skin contained flowers [t1v:aka hickies] in several places. Her body looked delicious, as if it would produce sweet juice when bitten.

Akkard bit her light pink shoulder. Her cold skin was wonderful and stuck to the tip of his lips and tongue.

Ah, yes. I knew you were so sweet.

Akkard tasted her smooth skin with a slight sweat and growing fervor. He tasted her concave collarbone, the narrow space between her ample breasts, and even the folds on the back of the thighs.

Then Damia turned her head back and protested,

“No, don’t lick me like that……!!”

That damn no was hard to hear, but at this moment, it was meaningless. Damia was helplessly laid bare, her delicate body exposed.

What are you going to do now? Akkard, who stretched his lips and laughed at her, tore the bedsheets randomly. And used the cloth to tie Damia’s limbs tightly.


Damia, who was tied up and hung her neck in front of the animal’s fangs, cried. His pretty blue eyes, full of moisture, made him more enamored with her. He was overwhelmed by the urge to make her cry more harshly.

Akkard turned her around roughly. He grabbed her coveted ass and had it raise high in the air. Having taken a vulgar pose, she tried to crawl with her arms bound up, attempting to escape somehow.

“Stay still!”

Now he’d had enough of Damia Primula running away. Akkard growled and pressed her down from the top. And he slapped her white ass, which shook in front of his eyes as if it were a punishment.


Slapped on the ass, Damia exclaimed, taken aback. Akkard didn’t miss the opportunity, spread her open between her ass cheeks, and stuck in his hard member.



A satisfied groan flowed from Akkard’s mouth. Yes, it was this feeling. She was already wet and so hot and sucking on him so tightly as if she couldn’t get enough of him.

It was a fucking delicious body. It was a bad thing for her, who shook her body in front of his eyes as if she were going to give it away.

Once again, Akkard put his pillar-like penis, the size of a child’s forearm, all the way to the root. Damia received the hideous object, moaned, overwhelmed. Her usually haughty-looking face whimpered helplessly, eyes fluttering in confusion, not knowing what to do with this pleasure.

Squeeze- slap- squeeze- slap—

Holding Damia up via her tied-up wrists pulled back, and he began to do waist work.

He felt a sense of pleasure melting every sense time he violently rammed his member all the way in and pulled it out.

He shook his back roughly, poking, thrusting, and digging inside her. Whether Damia cried or not, he pressed down her white, sweet body in front of him greedily, grinding her narrow inner flesh together and deeply penetrating her.

The tight and hot inner flesh quickly made him feel on the verge of ejaculation. He clung to Damia’s back and thrusted. Every time he dug through her legs faster and more wildly he felt a lot of pleasure.

“Ah, Damia…!!”

Akkard grabbed her long hair and pulled it back. Obscenely his penis had dug deep inside of her.

It was that moment. Suddenly, my lower abdomen felt warm and sticky, and my eyes opened. The sweet woman’s naked body disappeared, and I was lying alone on a wet blanket.


It was a dream.

Thanks to this, Akkard had the most humiliating morning in history.

He was no innocent adolescent boy to be having dreams like this! He was the great Akkard Valerian!

It was unbelievable.

Akkard looked at the wet blanket with his eyes filled with shame. But the red-haired beauty, who should have been on it, was nowhere to be seen.

“Damia Primula…….”

Akkard clenched his teeth. Women were all the same. Even the most extraordinary beauty was still a person after taking off her clothes and having a few relationships.

So Akkard had no particular fantasy about women. And never even thought of them as particularly special or different. But at this moment, it was obvious that if he could sleep with Damia Primula one more time, he would gladly sell his soul.


However, the possibility of that was far-reaching. Akkard sat on the edge of his bed and wiped his face slowly with both hands.

‘She never looked back.’

That day, her back, trembling with anger, was thin and straight. Even before Akkard could reach out, she had slipped away. As if she could not tolerate being in the same space as a horrible person like him.

It was easy to relive a woman’s anger. They were usually appeased by his expensive gifts or by a watery gaze from him.

If that didn’t work out, it would be enough if Akkard turned around pretending to be angry himself. Then the woman was frightened and grabbed on to him.

It was ironic because they initially started the game trying to use anger to wield against Akkard. They pretended to be picky, wanted him to look at them, and then wanted Akkard to be subordinate to them forever.

But Akkard saw through all their plans. Instead, it was enough to use those weak plans to listen to what the woman wanted and fill his own greed.

‘But it won’t work for her.’

Probably. Akkard got a kick out of his appetite for her with deep regret. Then he rolled up the dirty sheet and stuck it in the trash can.

It was as if I was letting go of my lingering desire for Damia Primula.


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