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As the sun went down, it was chilly, no matter how much of a summer night it was.

It seemed colder because of the rain. When the wind started to blow, her hands holding umbrellas naturally lost strength.

Damia could hear her teeth chattering as she shivered. The coachman was doing his best, but he was too weak to do anymore.

She thought he might collapse at this rate.

“Is it far from here to home? How long would it take to walk?”

“If I walk, it’ll take at least three hours. I’m sorry, miss….”

The horseman’s face, which seemed to be miserable, was also pale with the cold. It was a complicated situation.

It was just then. Across the dark forest road, a bright light was seen flashing.

‘……is that a carriage?’

Damia’s eyes opened wide. The light she saw was a lantern swinging from the front of the carriage. To her delight, two robust black horses were approaching this way.

“It must be a passing carriage! That’s great. Lady, I’ll ask for help.”

Damia’s coachman waved his hand with a hopeful face.

“Here, please help!”

Fortunately, the carriage did stop. He was a little wet in the rain, but the other horseman, dressed up, halted. Then he asked Damia’s coachman back.

“Which family do you belong to, and why do you hail us?”

“I’m the coachman of the Count Primula. My lady’s carriage was stuck in the rain because the wheels fell off. Could you give me some help?”

Unexpectedly, a reply to the earnest request came from far behind.

“…… Count Primula?”

The voice that came through the rain was heavy and had a clear presence. When Damia heard the voice, blood drained from her cheeks.

She didn’t even have to check the carriage to know who it was. But the shiny black carriage door gears opened and revealed a figure under a dimly swaying light.

The face of the man with a robust physique and unusual silver hair was breathtakingly gorgeous. And it seemed that dangerous. His eyes, sharp and intense like a predator, slowly scanned Damia.

Amidst the falling rain, their eyes met. As he glanced at Damia under his white eyelashes, he raised his lips into a smirk.

“……then I’d be happy to help.”

As soon as Akkard’s permission was given, the work went smoothly. The two coachmen worked together and began to pull the wheels of the carriage together.

Damia watched the scene under her umbrella. She had held the umbrella for so long that my fingertips were cold and my arms were numb. The umbrella kept slipping due to the moisture on the handle and where it hit her shoulder was also aching with pain.

Damia tried to rubbed off the water on the palm of her hand on her dress and switched her umbrella to her other hand. But that hand was also wet, so it didn’t do much good.


Akkard called her through the half-open carriage door. with a seductive smile on his face.

“Stop getting rained on and come into the carriage.


Under the shimmering light, his shaded face his face was beautiful enough to enchant.

Was he the legendary demon that plundered the bodies and minds of virgins, leading them to death?

His overly straight and sharp face gave off a rather cold impression. The combination of thick eyebrows and vivid purple eyes with towering nose and manly lips created a unique atmosphere of his own.

But when he smiled, he looked especially sweet, and the gap between those expressions made many hearts flutter. An illusion of a fierce and arrogant man smiling at her only, falling into delusion that she has become a special woman.

Unfortunately, Damia wasn’t such a woman. She glanced at Akkard’s handsome face smiling. And then she realized:

‘He… he hasn’t reflected on what happened in the locker at all.’

If you cared about me at all, you would have noticed by now. And today, you would have asked me why I was angry.

‘No, you have already apologized before today.’

If it was awkward to face each other in person, he could have sent a letter at least. That’s what sincerity means.

But Akkard didn’t. He’s just… ignored Damia’s reaction that day as if it had never happened. He didn’t even consider the fact that she was hurt or sincerely angry.

Or even so, he doesn’t even feel worth it to comfort her.

“Stop being stubborn. You’ll catch a cold.”

And now he was trying to lure Damia with a sweeter voice. Like an owner trying to entice a dog that was kicked once.


At that moment, Damia suddenly realized something:

That she would never love Akkad Valerian.

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