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Cecil spit with a sad look. Damia was very embarrassed.

I definitely remembered how I cried in front of my friend that day, showing everything to the bottom of my heart.

The end of the long first love was much worse than expected, and it was just utterly hopeless. If others break up, there was a hope to meet again in the future and for it to work out, but because Kael became a paladin for the Temple he would never be able to meet a woman.

Even now, Damia still had aches of pain. Her heart was like a sponge sucked in a lot of bitter water, and when you tap it, it flowed out again.

Damia lowered her eyes and pressed down on her dark chest. And she spoke to Cecil with a smile on her face.

“But that day, thank you very much for taking me to your room quickly. Otherwise, everyone would have seen me cry. It’s too horrible to imagine.

But after hearing Damia’s words, Cecil’s expression dimmed.

“The truth is, Damia…That day, there was one more person besides me who saw you cry.”

Damia’s blue eyes grew bigger at the unexpected words. At that time, Cecil held back an anecdote that she couldn’t bear to tell Damia, who was already suffering from a broken heart. But she thought it was time to tell her.

“As you may have guessed, the one who saw you cry that day is Cesare. “

Cecil shut her mouth for a moment and gulped. She glanced at Damia’s eyes and continued her words.

“When I took you to my room, I accidentally turned my head and made eye contact with Cesare.”

In fact, it wasn’t once or twice. While Cecil was with Damia, she would suddenly look back. It was because she felt an unknown gaze peering at them from somewhere.

So when she look back, there was always Cesare was always around, curiously. Even while he walked and talked to others, as he regularly did—even while moving, he was always looking at Damia. It was as if his world revolved around Damia.

“That day, Cesare kept watching you. And….. when you burst into tears, he laughed. Very brightly.”

Cecil, who finished talking, trembled. When she remembered Cesare’s expression, goosebumps spread through her spine.

‘He’s a monster.’

Cecil sincerely thought that from the bottom of her heart.

That day, Dami was definitely falling apart. Cecil comforted her weeping and was secretly terrified. She was scared that Damia would break into pieces in her arms and would never be the same.

But Cesare smiled very happily at the sight. The corners of his mouth, which always had a subtle smile, were raised to reveal his white teeth, and his intelligent blue eyes were completely thin in glee that they were invisible.

“………It was like that.”

The smile disappeared from Damia’s face when she heard the story. She thought of Cesare’s face while strangling her by infiltrating into her bedroom.

So cleverly controlled his strength that not even the common bruise remained afterward. Even that was very sly like the intelligent Cesare.

Damia, while recalling him, suddenly had a sharp headache. Cesare was plotting to feed Cecil something. And then there was his insane obsession with her.

There are many riddles to solve, but there was no way to really know the truth. Damia thought of some people who might be a clue. And at the end of her thoughts, there was always that man:

‘Akkard Valerian.’

Of course, she hated the idea of seeing him again. Damia still remembered the shame and misery she felt in her locker that day.

Damia, who was an expert in unrequited love, knew. If the other person means anything to you—you tread around them carefully and strive to look good in front of them.

Originally, the person who fell in love with first was the sinner. Every second of every minute, the sinner looked at their loved one’s eyes, and fearful of their displeasure or rejection—hyperaware of their every action.

That’s what Damia knew about love. No matter how different cultures or genders were, people were essentially the same. So the Akkard Valerian was no exception to this rule.

However, he showed what he thought of Damia last time with his actions instead of words. He teased her, a noble lady, in a shabby locker and eventually followed his desires whether she was anxious or not.

‘You did it because you didn’t have any feelings for me.’

…I wish I found it amusing.

Damia was resentful of that fact. She also had no heart for Akkard, so it didn’t matter if she didn’t love him. But the fact she meant so little to him was terribly offensive.

However, her personal feelings could never be prioritized over Cecil’s safety. Dami was a person who had few people and things she considered precious. Therefore, her priorities were obvious.

‘I’m gonna have to talk to Lord Akkard.’

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