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“What?! Is that true?”

Cecil freaked out, grabbing both cheeks. She was delighted to see Damia, who visited her even on a rainy day.

But the elegant face was now shocked and fearful. It was because of the warning Damia told her.

“Louise Ferira is going to feed me something?!”

“Yes, Cecil.”

Damia nodded in confirmation. No matter how hard she tried to watch Cecil, she couldn’t be more careful than Cecil was. It was also Cecil’s responsibility and life, so it was her right to know.

“I still don’t know what Louise’s trying to feed you, but…”

“Poison! I’m sure it’s poison! Louise Ferira, that girl’s gonna get it!”

Cecil, who jumped up from his seat, lost her usual composure and became irate. Having suffered from Louise in the past, she was completely outraged.

“Calm down, I don’t think it’s poison.”

“Then what could it be? Do you think she would give me red ginseng? And wish me to be healthy?!”

Cecil, who recently named the most popular food imported from the Eastern continent, cried out. There was another reason why she was so sick of Louise.

“Dami, you know that. The fact that our family has a business with Count Ferira!”

Yes, the Marquis Evergreen, did business in distributing minerals from the North to the capital. And unfortunately, the supplier for the minerals was Count Ferira.

Because of this, Cecil was in angst. She wanted nothing to do with Louise, but because of the family business, she would have to still interact with her—which made it even worse.

“It’s time to renew our annual contract, so we’re meeting next week! I’m sure she’ll poison me then, what should I do? What should I do?!”

Cecil went back and forth in the room with anxious steps and was at a loss. Damia was looking at her, sighed, and grabbed her hand.

“You’re losing it, Cecil! Sit down for now. Let’s think together.”

Damia’s suggestion to think “together” worked a little. When one was nervous, it was best to discuss it with one’s best friend.

Cecil, who clasped Damia’s hand, slumped on the sofa, muttering,

“I don’t know if it’s poison or not—but why would Louise try to make me eat it? What the hell are you after?”

I’m sure you’re coveting my southern black pearl brooch that I’ve been hiding. Cecil spoke seriously. Just by those words, it was clear that her anxiety was getting to her.


Damia shook her head with a bitter grimace, racking her head for some possibilities that Louise or Cesare might target Cecil.

The Marquis Evergreen, Cecil’s family, was one of the most prestigious families in the North. Therefore, he had a lot of influence, both in business and in personal connections.

‘So you’re trying to recruit Cecil, the only child.’

Damia sighed. It was better when she thought Louise Ferira’s purpose was due to personal resentment. However, she never could have had imagined that there would be a complicated conspiracy involving the Temple and Cesare.

“I’m so sorry, Cecil, Cesare is back……. but I don’t know where he’s hiding.”

She needed to find him to get a clue. Damia sighed, pushing back her long hair. Then Cecil, who calmed down a little, responded.

“It’s okay. I knew your stepbrother would do something like this one day.”

“How did you know that?”

“Just. Just a feeling.” “

……… I’m afraid so. Damia looked at Cecil with a ridiculous look. However, Cecil seemed severe in her own way.

“Do you remember? When Kael got a notification for passing the Paladin St. Cage entrance exam.”


Damia nodded her head. How can she forget that day? It was a day when her glass-like world that she had been built up for ten years was broken.

It had been Cecil’s birthday. Therefore, many guests, including Damia, were present. Thus, the main character of the day should have been Cecil.

Kael’s father, Marquis Roysten, was not a villain. However, his flaw was that he was a little tactless. As soon as he was about to leave the house to attend the Evergreen family party, a letter of acceptance to the Temple arrived.

The news of the second son’s acceptance made the Marquis of Roysten jump with joy. He even brought the letter to Cecil’s birthday party. And he was boisterous to everyone in the room, including the person involved, Kael.

As a northern aristocrat, it was an honor to be able to serve the Temple. Everyone congratulated Kael Roysten on his joining the Saint.

Except for Damia and her friend Cecil Evergreen,

“That day, you cried a lot. You fool.”


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