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He was losing his composure. The body in front of his was still naive but seemed to be overly ripe and delicious. It was apparent that if he let go of his reason a little, he would messily violate Damia.

Akkard goods were large enough to be too much for even skillful women to take. So first, he had to lick this coy entrance and make it loose. So that he could be greedy to the ends of his roots.

Akkard buried his lips between her held up legs, and sucked up Damia’s swollen clitoris.


Instantaneously, a fever of white oil erupted. Damia’s head was tilted back, shaking her legs unconsciously. The body, heightened with his nipple sucking, reached its peak as if it had waited for the slightest provocation.

“Not yet.”

Akad pressed down on her shivering vulnerable thigh. Then he broke open her small, shaking vagina with his tongue and licked it more persistently. He rolled the clitoris, which rose hard, jittery with joy, and rubbed the with his tongue. Gasping sounds came from Damia’s red lips.

“Wait a minute, aah! No, no, no, no, no!”

The sheer pleasure was rising to the tip of her chin was similar to drowning. His tongue, soaked with saliva and her juices, squeezed in and out of her narrow slit. Then he began sucking at her nerve-wracking sensitive entrance.

His elastic large, long tongue was hot, too, and exhausting her. While it poked and curled at her entrance tantalizingly, the saliva-soaked lips rubbed smoothly over the clitoris. Damia’s toes tightened, and her hips flung up in the joy of being out of her mind.

“Stop, please… …whoa!”

“Do you really want me to stop?”

“Yes, stop… “

Damia begged him, clinging onto him. She was afraid of the irresistible pleasure that made her lose all her inhibitions. Her saliva trickled out of her open mouth, her legs trembled with no strength, and her vagina was quivering with a hot throb. Damia was frightened out of her mind because she felt like something had gone wrong.

Akkard looked at her delicate pale hand, clinging to his muscled shoulder. ‘I thought I’d chew this woman in front of me violently, but on the other hand, I want to melt her with my tongue and slowly eat her—torturing her with pleasure.’

The treacherous feeling of curiosity thrilled him witenjoymentpleasure. So he decided to borrow both methods properly. 


Akkard whispered intensely and unhurriedly between her legs. His wet lips, drenched in her juices, drew out a shiny line of sap that connected to her entrance.

“You love it so much that it’s flaring and contracting.”


A teardrop rolled down from Damia’s eyes at Akkard’s vulgar remark. Akkard grinned with satisfaction.

He usually hated a crying woman, but she had a poisonous taste laced with repressed needs. Perhaps that’s why Akkard had such a sadistic urge to make her cry and reach new heights of passion even more.

“Let’s check and see how loose it is…”

His two fingers tipped the wet petals, revealing her secret hole. As soon as Damia was about to regain some of her facilities, his thick fingers penetrated inside her. Dami shook her head when his fingers came in as if they were searching through the tight squeeze.

“Ah… It hurts…”

“It hurts? Even my wrists are all wet.”

Akkard, who had already stopped using honorifics, smirked and snickered. He began to stir and rub his fingers in her heated insides. As soon as the fingertips reached her weak spot, he could feel hot liquid pouring out.

“Do you like this place? Oh, look, it’s dripping.”

Akkard sweetly whispered and bit her earlobe. At the same time, one more finger stretched through the inside. His fingers poked up the vagina, giving her a smaller preview of what was to come. Damia’s body bounced up with longing, especially when he rubbed the part she was sensitive.

“Ha-aaaah, Oh! There, there… No….”

“Why no, umm?”

Asked Akkard, who was caressing her ears with his lips, pushing his tongue inward. The clattering sound of wetness resounded through her eardrums. Damia couldn’t tell whether the sound was coming from her ears or her bottom.

“Amazing. You’re chewing my fingers like you’re swallowing them.”

Akkard whispered in an unkind whisper. Only then did Damia realize that she was spreading her legs wider and shaking her back with the movement of his fingers. She was absent of her sense of dignity,  the moment when his hand went in and out more violently, driving her to the climax.

“Oooooooh, ah, ahhh…!”

Akkard poked her convulsing insides with his thick hands. Whenever that happened, sticky honey flowed from the inside with a sloppy sound.

“What a great bargain. It’s pretty, too.”

He spread his soaked fingers revealing the sticky glittering threads of her lewd release, and licked it up with a smile. 


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