PCP – 47

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Damia was reluctant, but his fingers, which filled her mouth, did not relent. His harsh breathing behind her was exciting and frightening. The body-shaking stimulation made her into a female in heat, not Damia Primula.

Afraid of the sensation, Damie sobbed. One day this man suddenly appeared in the North, shaking her whole routine and common sense. Like a storm, he blew everything away and swung her around, holding her all the way.

She hated it but also was delighted and going crazy with excitement. His fingers that played around her skirt made her ecstatic, as if the heat of a violent man stabbing from behind would melt her away.

“It’s hot. You’re going to melt my cock in your stream of water.”

“No, stop—Ugh!”

At some point, her pussy contractions became stronger until Akkard attacked her clit, and her eyes rolled back and turned white with mind-numbing pleasure.


Her toes curled up, and her thighs trembled. The peachy ass cheeks revealed in the dark squeezed, her muscles clamping. Because of this, the round part leading to the thigh was cut like a dimple.

Akkard touched that dimple and whispered with a mischievous smile.

“Did you cum already? You’re really sexy.”

In the meantime, he steadily shook his waist, pretending to be relaxed, but Akkard’s eyes flushed red with lust with great excitement at the fantastic view in front of him.

And he had no choice but to hold himself back in this titillating situation. Someone was outside as they hid in a dark locker as he stroked his cock between the thighs of a stunning beauty. Especially the superb view of Damia, who was afraid of being caught, so she couldn’t even make a sound properly, and the magnificent sight of her twisting her body endlessly in pleasure.

“No, we’ll get caught. That’s enough…

“If you want to stop, tighten your thighs and shake your hips more.”

Akkard licked his red lips with carnal desire and smacked her ass lightly. Damia was surprised and tightened her thighs further. Then, Akkard’s groans, as murky as boiling iron water, resonated.

“Yes, that’s it. More. tighten more.”

A small jolt in the enclosed locker filled with the sound of a man’s rough gasping and the obscene sound of his genitals rubbing between her wet legs. Akkard’s body, which was heated by heightened pleasure, was as hot as a black rock heated by the scorching sun in the middle of summer.

Damia shook wildly without hesitation. There wasn’t penetration but somehow, it was more chaotic and obscene than sexual intercourse.

Her pussy, still high off of her climax, which had yet to subside, was still twitching freely. Akkard’s cock still rubbed against her and her now overly sensitive body trembled and convulsed.

Maybe that’s why even though she was so careful, a convulsion made her bump her shoulder or knee somewhere on the locker door. The sound leaked outside, and the maid stopped brushing with her broomstick.

“……? Is anyone there?”

The maid’s footsteps were approaching them. Frightened by this, Damia stretched her arm back and tried to push Akkard away. But he grabbed her arm and pulled it back, and rubbed his penis more vigorously.


He burst a small groan through his teeth and pushed his waist forward. Damia’s body hit by the momentum hit the locker door loudly.

Boom-boom! Rattle-!

“Oh, my!”

The maid, who was approaching, screamed in surprise. Upon hearing this, Damia sobbed and grabbed the locker door, afraid that the maid would open the locker door immediately.

In the meantime, Akkard was calm. After a few more rough moves, he squeezed between Damia’s thighs to the root of his member and ejaculated.


She could feel his firm body trembling close behind her back. At the same time, Damia’s overworked thighs suddenly became damp.


The sound of his breath soaked in pleasure was drowsy, but it was a mess for Damia, who was underneath the greedy male. Damia, who was shaking, grabbed the doorknob like a lifeline and whispered with a sob.

“P-people outside……”


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