PCP – 46

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“W-what are you do—”

Damia was even more embarrassed by his stark desire she felt over a thin piece of cloth.

“What am I doing? This is what I’m doing.”

Akkard pulled her wet underwear with his fingers and slid his cock through a small gap. His hot, thick penis moved in the underwear as if they would come through the entrance right away.

Surprised by the sensation, Damie quaked. When she forgot the situation for a moment and tried to struggle, Akkard, who was holding her arm, whispered:

“Shh, if you move like that, it could go in by mistake.”

Of course, it was a lie. He would like to go all the way, but he needed space to poke and ride around all night long with his robust stamina.

But doing this with Damia was to release some frustration. Akkard wanted to make her cry and torment the woman who kept running away from him.

Damia became calm when Akkard threatened to put it in. Her eyes looking up at him in anxiety were so sweet that he wanted to lick them. Feeling the desire that soared to the end of her neck, Akkard grabbed her waist harder and held her hips close.

“Okay, just stay still.”

Putting his own between her two silky smooth thighs, he slowly pushed his back. His penis, soaked with transparent liquid, stroked her labia lips without difficulty.

Akkard began to move back and forth, enjoying the pleasure of that tight kiss between her lower lips. It wasn’t as good as putting it in, but it had its own taste.

‘I’m so excited.’

He lowered his gaze under his light eyelashes. There, Damia, whose ears were red, was being held by him while one of her hands covered his mouth, trembling. Even though she was afraid that a sound would leak, she was more embarrassed by her burning body.

Her tearful appearance was pitiful. At the same time, the male’s heart was set on fire even more. Akkard wanted to keep bothering her and see her crying from uncontrollable pleasure again and again.


Her thighs trembled as he sang her name in a husky voice. Akkard slowly and deliberately stroked her flat lower abdomen.

“Yes, yes…”

When he touched her opening covered with honey, Damia shook her head as if not to. Even now, she was out of her mind because of his penis, which teased her—coming in and out from the back, as if it would penetrate her at any moment. In this situation, if Akkard bullied her front too, she would collapse, and there was no guarantee that she could hold back her voice.

Akkard ignored the pathetic resistance and slipped his hand through an opening. It was easy to find the clitoris located there.

He slowly rubbed the red, slightly swollen pearl with a deep appetite. Then, Damie’s gasping breathing immediately made her feel sweet.

“Huh, yeah… Ah….”

“Are you that happy? It’s so swollen here.”

Whenever he teased his fingers faster, a wet sound echoed through his ears, and the lewd sound echoed in the narrow locker as well. Every time the place that was as small as a baby’s fingernail was tormented, Damia couldn’t come to her senses because of the pleasure that made her legs go numb.

The movement of his sex organ, poking and rubbing on her vaginal mouth, was mesmerizing. Behind her, his firm lower abdomen smacked her soft butt and pushed harder.

His penis that stroked between her thighs was hot and sore. But whenever he came near to coming in, she tightened her core without realizing it. It wasn’t even inserted, but she got the illusion that his organ was digging inside her vagina.

Damia was helplessly caught by him and couldn’t even moan and shed tears. When her ass was pulled back, his penis rubbed against her even harder and when he was pushed forward, his fingers taunted her clitoris mercilessly.

Damia’s legs were so weak that she couldn’t stand properly. In order not to fall, Damia took her hand off her mouth and held herself against the door of the locker. She was worried that her moans would leak belatedly.

“Out there, uh… they’ll hear me…….”

Finally, Damia cried and clung on to him. Akkard reached out and covered her mouth, feeling the mounting excitement that seemed to culminate at any moment. Then, with his fingers, he teased her moist mouth.

“How does your cheap water taste?”

She knew what it was even if Akkard didn’t mention it. The slightly sour, sweet, bland and extremely lewd fluid that melted on her tongue.

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