PCP – 4

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“Ahhhhh! Ahh.. hurts!”

Damia’s had tears in her blue eyes. She felt an indescribable sense from the pinched nipples. The pain, which was sharp at first, embarrassingly tasted of sweet pleasure at the end.

“Does it really hurt? Your voice is too sweet for that.”

Akkard’s deep voice vibrated with a smile in it. He twisted her nipple lightly. Damia was panting at the sensation somewhere between pain and pleasure. When she was fed up and tried to take his hand off, Akkard gently touched her lips as if he were apologetic.

A hot, moist tongue soothed and licked over the nipple, which had been pinched and became very sensitive. The tip of the tongue licked and rolled the nipple gently, and Damia’s mouth opened and cooed with sounds of melting pleasure as she wriggled and sobbed unconsciously.

Akkard looked down at Damia with a look of joy. Her previously haughty, dignified face was now melted away with the crying and moaning of a strange pleasure. It was stunning.

“What pretty breasts. They are big, feel good; they even have a beautiful color.”

He grabbed both breasts, his hands full, and overflowing; he pushed them together and he greedily sucked on both nipples.

“Ah, d… don’t… don’t speak while biting them.”

When he spoke with the nipples in his mouth, the stimulus was too strong. Damia cried and pushed Akkard’s shoulder. But instead of pushing him off, she got even more excited.

It was thrilling whenever the nipple was slightly rolled between the white and even teeth. When he rolled up the nipple with his tongue and sucked it hard, the tip which withstood his bite yesterday, was slightly sore. But the pleasure that followed the pain was ten times more exhilarating.

He slowly crushed the nipples with the roof of his mouth and tip of his tongue, sucking her breast a little deeper and fitting more of it in his mouth. Every time he did that, she felt like her sight was going white.

Damia was completely lewd and disheveled under his lips. She didn’t even know what kind of decency she was showing in front of his eyes. In fact, it was not until his big hands grasped her waist that Damia realized that her abdomen was shaking and twitching, her back in an arch of desire.

“What’s wrong with your hips when I’m sucking your tits? So obscene.”

Akkard was smiling, but the eyes were burning frighteningly hot. His calloused hands that practiced with swords were now slowly trailing down her narrow waist to her thighs. He grabbed her thighs tightly and savored it’s silk-like texture and spread her legs. 

“Ah, no…”

“It’s soaking wet.”

Akkard‘s adams apple slowly moved with a low laugh; he was staring between Damia’s legs. He slowly licked his lips and held his breath as if he had seen something very appetizing and was ready to pounce.

Her red-colored vagina itself was like a flower in full bloom. The transparent, sticky honey flowing from it seemed to paralyze reason with a humid, lewd, sweet smell. Akkard’s face seemed cold and expressionless, but his purple eyes shone brightly with his terrible desire.

Damia’s heart began to pound in alarm when she saw his deep regard that was fixed at her core; she could even feel it’s beat in her red face. 

She felt like she would be eaten by him urgently, so her thighs tightened, trying to close her legs. But his strong hands that held onto her limbs didn’t move.

“It’s dripping very slowly, but if you don’t want to flood the sheets, I’d better clean it.”

His tone was dark, drenched with desire. Damia, stunned, shook her head, ears turning red in astonishment and embarrassment at his remark. 

Damia looked up at him with pleading eyes. The moment he encountered her tearful eyes, the Akkard clicked his tongue. Then he reprimanded Damia with a look full of grievances.

“Don’t look at me like that. ‘Cause then I’ll want to squeeze it in right now.”

“What look—ahh!”

Just as Damia was about to ask back, Akkard’s head dug between her legs. Damia opened her eyes wide at the incredible sight. The head he held up high with arrogance— his handsome face— was now licking between her legs, his eyes closed, his face focused, like a devotee in prayer.

“Don’t clean, no. I’m embarrassed…!”

‘I can’t believe he is ‘washing’ a precious place that I’ve never seen before! It’s even morning now.’ 

Now under the sun, which was clearly bright, Damia could see every single silver hair of Akkard, buried between her legs; she couldn’t even imagine the detail he saw being so up close.

“Please don’t clean it.”

An indescribable sense of shame and mixed with pleasure poured into her lower belly like a heated tide. A flushed Damia weakly tried to push his head away. Akkard menacingly retaliated by spreading Damia’s legs wider.

“If you don’t stay still, you’ll be lying on your stomach like a dog, and I’ll eat you out. You’d hate that even more.”


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