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Damia looked surprised at his words. Her fingers on his cheek fluttered in surprise. The sensation of her fingers brushing the fluffy hairs on his skin was quite ticklish. While being distracted by the unfamiliar sense, Damia’s voice flew into his ears.

“…… I don’t hit people.”


“I could never speak to someone who speaks ill of my friend.”

It was as soft and cold as silk curtains hanging by an open window in the middle of winter. Damia’s firm tone silenced the laughter brimming on Akkard’s lips. He thought for a moment with steel eyes.

‘This woman doesn’t really care or want to get along with you.’

A woman would dare not put the end of a relationship in her mouth if she had any hopes for him—even if it was just a little.

Both Damia and Akkard instinctively sensed each other’s coldness.

Damia knew she must turn away Akkard without hesitation.

Despite what others assumed about Damia because she was a gorgeous beauty—she was highly intelligent. She was aware of the fact that a hasty rejection would not work for him.

Nevertheless, those pretty lips already hinted at the ‘end’—for the third time, no less. It meant that Damia was absolutely sincere.


His molars were gritted against each other with force. When he was rejected for the first time, he was dumbfounded —angry for the second time. And the third time, he felt as if he was going crazy.

I can’t understand this woman in front of me.

‘How come?’

Akkard was not humble even if he sprouted empty words of modesty in the face of acclaim.

He had accomplished too many things and was too smart.

He knew he was one of the best men with exceptionally superior looks with excellent status and conditions.

He couldn’t help but know his worth. Wherever he went, eyes of anticipation and the sweet redness of blushing women—and even sometimes men—followed him and made Akkard aware of his value and desirability every second.

They were so excited at my appearance that sometimes I was tired of their intense emotions and that I could not help but get used to the hands that clung on to me, wanting to get involved with me.

But all of those things meant nothing in front of this woman. Akkard couldn’t understand this bizarre predicament at all.

He opened his mouth impulsively.

“What the hell—why?”

“Eh? What? Umm, by the way, my hand…”

Her hand was still touching Akkard’s sculptural face.

The light heartbeat felt under her palm, and the man’s unique hot body temperature made her feel awkward.

Embarrassed, Damia pulled her hand away, but Akkard held onto her even more tightly, persistently.

“Why are you rejecting me?”

At the aggressive question, Dami’s lips were half-open—speechless.

Someone would have thought he was insane; however, the person who asked this ridiculous question was serious.

“You don’t have a fiance or a lover, right?”

His confidence was as strong and as tall as a mountain. Damia couldn’t help but laugh at his logic ‘a woman without a lover must like me’ she could have been outraged, but Akkard was so brazen that she laughed first.

The man in front of her was indeed a man of sensual appearance. But it was indeed bizarre. Suddenly this big man looked like a little boy who was too forceful.

“Sir Akkard.”

With a smile on her lips, Damia addressed him. His sharp eyes met hers. His purple eyes were reminiscent of a cat-like beast were peering at her, confused as to why she was laughing.

Dami moved her hand and swept his cheek gently as if to appease him. And she revealed her position as gently as possible.

“You’re the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. I won’t deny that. But you’re not the one I want.”

“Who is the person you want?”

“A person who is the opposite of you.”

Damia answered; her voice was somewhat pained.

Kael’s face appeared in her mind’s eye. He was an easy-to-understand and friendly person. He was a far cry from those trying to tame and use people through manipulation or trying to plant anxiety to fulfill personal vanity.

That’s why I liked Kael Roysten. The more I spent time with him, the more I hoped we could be together in the future, not just as friends, but as lovers.

But he chose a different future.

He left Damia and entered into the arms of the temple and the saint. And Dami’s heart was left with a scar of a long unrequited love. She hadn’t healed yet, so it prevented her from falling into a new love.

That was the only reason she didn’t fall for Akkard.

“I’m sorry.”


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  1. I love how she is rejecting him lol again and again .its best for his pride is his looks and worth to be crushed lil. Its so satisfying.

  2. 🤣🤣 i dont feel a bit bad for him.
    I love this MC she is staright to the point… she was honest and admit his handsomeness but slapped him with “u are not the one i want”. I have to say god bless this MC i like her

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