PCP – 37

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Startled, Damia looked back. He was really there. Akkard Valerian.

He had just arrived, surveying the garden with an uninterested look. His bluish-gray robes brought out his silver hair made his large and magnificent physique stand out.

As he studied his surroundings—for a brief moment, his and Damia’s unsuspecting gaze met. Stunned, she felt as if she was stabbed with a broad needle. They shared a short but intense stare.

Damia choked and looked away, crouching away unconsciously. The tension was overwhelming, and Akkard soon, too, turned his eyes away. It was only afterwards that Damia realized she had held her breath.

No regrets or feelings were read from the side of his sculptural face.


Seeing this, Cecil made a very suspicious sound. Her face clearly was wondering whether or not he was over his feelings. Seeing a chance to comfort and convince her friend, Damia spoke:

“See, I told you already. It’s over.”

……Really? Cecil glanced at Akkard. Whenever she saw him, he exuded an incredible sensuous aura. The fact that it was apparent that he knew it made him even more annoying and that much more attractive.

Well, would a man like that ever get hung up on a woman? It would be improbable. Concluding as such, Cecil sighed and looked back on Akkard when something caught both Cecil’s and Akkard’s gaze.


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Cecil?”

“Look over there, Damia—it’s Lessid Ferria.”

Damia turned to a name she hadn’t heard in a long time. There stood a man with long blond hair, just as elegant as an elf. He was quietly talking to Akkard, as if conscious of the attention they drew.

“They must have come together.”

“Are they that close?”

“Probably. Do you remember Kael’s farewell party? It was Lessid who brought Akkard and introduced him to northern society that day.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Maybe you didn’t notice. Lessid introduced him and went straight back to the temple. Maybe he had a lot of work to do because of problems in the South?”

“That makes sense.”

Damia casually agreed and nodded absentmindedly, recalling that day. Cecil had said that that day that Louise’s brother had brought Akkard.

Lessid Ferira. He was the second son of Count Ferira. However, unlike his grandiose grandmother, he was quite sensitive and harsh. Considering that he was a priest belonging to the temple, his temper was very impressive.

“Lessid is here, so Louise won’t be here today. That’s fortunate.”

Cecil was deeply relieved as she dramatically held her hand to her heart.

No one knew why but Lessid and Louise loathed each other. Even the loud words they exchanged in public were too harsh. It seemed rather unbelievable that they were siblings born from the same parents.

Wasn’t there a saying that your enemy’s enemy was your friend? Perhaps that’s why Lessid was very gentle toward Damia. Just like now.

“Lady Damia! Oh, Lady Cecil is with you.

Lessid, who spotted her, greeted her in a friendly manner.

“It’s been a long time. How have you been?”

Lessid was smiling brightly. He had always stayed at the temple and when he entered society again and societized his was always pleasant—except when the conversation concerned his sister.

“I heard that Louise had a tantrum again. When I raised and spoiled her as my youngest sibling, I never thought she would grow up to be so unruly. I am embarrassed to face you as her brother. I’m sorry.”

Lessid lowered his eyes and apologized in his sister’s stead. His expression was so acrimonious that Damia, stunned by his unexpected apology, hurried to comfort him. Dami couldn’t bear to speak ill of a sister in front of her brother, smiled gently.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. Recently, haven’t you been busy cleaning up the ‘pollution’ in the South? Thank you for your efforts and hard work.”

“Yes, it’s awful. I hope this pollution incident ends soon.”

Lessid replied with a solemn expression. ‘Contamination’ or ‘pollution’ was the biggest problem facing the kingdom now

One day the land soured, and the crops could not grow. Severe diseases infested the bodies of people and livestock who touched the soil.

Not only that, but strange beasts appeared around contaminated land, hurting the innocent. Fortunately, ‘pollution’ could be purified by divine power, so priests were kept busy at unprecedented levels.

“By the way, Dami are you ill? You don’t look well.”

Damia feigned a smile and waved her hand at Lessid’s concern.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“Are you sure? You’re so pale.”

“…… that’s—”

Although Dami was smiling, she was crying inside. Her cracked expression wasn’t because of Louise, but rather because of Lessid.

Well, to be precise, because of the man standing next to him

With a fierce look in his eyes, Akkard watched Lessid’s useless friendly banter.

“Ah. Come to think of it; I should introduce Miss Damia to Lord Akkard first.”


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