PCP – 36

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“What? Louise Ferria visited your home? Is she crazy?”

Cecil, who put down the fork he was holding, was stunned. Unlike Dami, she didn’t have abundant unpleasant sentiments for Louise—that is until Louise’s morbid stalking attempt to steal her, Dami’s best friend, away from Damia.

Louise was the type who didn’t know how to get along with others. Before she gave up on pursuing Cecil, Cecil recalled having to be subjected to extreme torture. Cecil’s voice, which recalled the trauma at that time, rose sharply.

“I really can’t understand what’s in her head!!”

“Who understands Louise Ferria? My family couldn’t either.”

Damia, who gave up on everything, answered back listlessly. However, Cecil, who had already suffered from stress disorder in the past, showed no signs of calming down easily.

“Damia did I tell you about the butler of the Ferria family before? He looks just like your step brother!”

“Yes, I remember. His name was Lars….”

Damia nodded her head. Thanks to that information, she was lucky to get a good shot at Louise. But Cecil’s ideas seemed a little different.

“I actually got goosebumps when I saw the butler. Think about what she usually says and does! She hides a hot butler in his house and makes him act like Cesare. Treating him like a substitute for a human being— It’s gross!!”

Cecil, who recalled the shock and fear of that time, heated up. As her voice continued to rise, Damia could feel the surrounding people’s gaze being drawn to them.


Damia gave a quiet hint.

They were now at an outdoor tea party hosted by Cecil’s mother.

Therefore, besides the table where they sat, many guests walked around them in the afternoon garden.

‘If you get caught up in Louise’s scandals in a place like this, you’ll be pretty tired of the future.’ Realizing this, Cecil remained silent. But her silence did not last very long. It was because there were still more surprises left.


At Damia’s next piece of news, Cecil made a choking noise. She couldn’t bring herself to speak and barely asked back:

“Akkard Valerian came to your house……?”


“What the hell? You said it was over!”

“Well, he doesn’t seem to think so.”

Damia responded gloomily. The pensive side of her face was as pure as a flower. After seeing this, Cecil clicked her tongue and thought inside:

‘Well, that kind of beauty would be rare even in the capital.’

No matter how narrow the northern part of the country is, Damia was one of the world’s most beautiful people. Therefore, no matter how much of a player Akkard Valerian is, he can’t let go.

Cecil frowned at the situation as she had been worried: I’ve been begging you not to get involved with Akkard. I mean, you didn’t even listen to me!

Seeing Cecil’s face clearly revealed her disapproval, Damia hurriedly clarified:

“But it’s really over now! I told him clearly when he came.”


Dami grinned at Cecil’s disbelieving attitude. Cecil could see Damia didn’t even consider the possibility that Akkard was serious. When Cecil lowered her eyelashes, Dami gently persuaded her friend.

“Sir Akkard has a lot of pride, Cecil. Once rejected, he won’t approach me again.”

“Is that so?”

“Think about it. Lord Akkard is a man who has nothing to be desired in the first place. Why would you be obsessed with a northern country bumpkin like me? Don’t you think so?”

“Well, I don’t think so.”

Cecil, who narrowed her eyes, replied in doubt.

By now, Dami was a little frustrated. She was about to wrinkle her nose and ask what was wrong with her.

Cecil just pointed.

“Because it’s there. Can you see? The opponent you play fire with.”

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