PCP – 35

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Damia had nothing to say to his impudent opposition. It was a real injustice. If she had clung to him, it was obvious that Akkard would have drawn the line first by declaring: ‘We have nothing to do with each other.’

Akkard Valerian was such a man. So many women wept over him and tried to snag him somehow—he who could not be caught. It would be extraordinary if she had what others couldn’t get.

Unfortunately, Damia was not such a woman. With an animal-like sense, Akkard noticed this, so he slyly decided to act like the victim.

“When did you say it was a one-night stand? Even so, I don’t remember agreeing to such a thing. It takes two to tango—and now you are finishing up unilaterally? You’re so irresponsible.”

Damia’s cheeks blushed at the uselessly naked plea. She was not a fool, so she knew well that Akkard was being stubborn.

Even now, his beautiful eyes were smiling coldly. It was clear that he was by no means sincere.

However, it was embarrassing for a man who seemed unlikely to do so, to hang onto her like this.

Dami, who was only interested in his appearance but had a weakness for dating, was bright.

Akkard didn’t miss the gap. He didn’t want to give Damia time to regain her reason. She was so clever that he didn’t shake her by surprise there was no hope.

“Tell me, Dami. Why do we have to end with only one night? Was I so terrible that night?”

“What on earth are you talking about? That day, I…”

“Yeah, you only wrapped in a sheet under me that day until the sheets were gone. I gave you a break when you said you couldn’t go anymore, right? You moaned and screamed about how it was so good, so why are you saying something different now?”

Damia opened her mouth in utter astonishment that he could say such things out loud.

After seeing this, Akkard was sure how to embarrass her. However, if he pushed further, she would definitely protest. He sensed that it was time to pull gently.


He rubbed his cheek against Damia’s small palm and looked up at her under his white eyelashes. And he smiled very sweetly. Like a hunter who drives a little fox into a trap.

“We were good, together— Don’t you think so? You might deny it. But I don’t want to. The night I spent with you was very speacial and enjoyable.”

Damia lowered her eyes without a word. Apart from the beating of the heart, her head was rational. At first glance, he seemed to think Damia was a special person. However, he meant that ‘night’ I spent with you was special, not ‘you.’

A man who only wanted pleasure instead of love kissed her palm. Then he tilted his head and asked cruelly.

“But why do I have to finish such a good thing and do it only once? I don’t understand.”

His seductive attitude toward Damia expressed brazen confidence. There was no fear of being rejected reflected in his steady, intense gaze and grin.

Dami looked up at the handsome face without a word. The sweet, dark skin, sharp features, purple eyes, and sensual lips were shockingly beautiful. A better man than this would be hard to find even if she searched the entire kingdom.

So Damia knew that once she gave her heart to him, his beauty would become a deadly blade and be stuck in her heart.

“Because I… I don’t want you.”

replied Dami, who smiled half-heartedly. The unexpected answer wiped the smile off Akkard’s face. After seeing this, Damia shook her head and explained:

“Sir Akkard, you’re like fire. You are a good partner to burn the night away. But it’s too dangerous to get closer for longer than that because there will definitely be irreversible burns.

Her voice was as sweet as the spring breeze. But the meaning contained in it was clear. Akkard stared at the face of the woman who refused him and laughed quietly.


Akkard knew she was not a woman who pretended not to like men to lead them now. It was obvious by her speech and behavior.

So Damia’s refusal is probably sincere. However, her red cheeks and shining eyes that looked at him as if he was wonderful were also sincere.

Akkard clenched his teeth and managed to smile. He said it lightly anyway. It’s just that he had experience seducing others, so he was able to talk to her and be more convincing.

So even if Dami rejected him, he didn’t think it would be a big blow. But it was. He couldn’t understand why she rejected him with such a heated look.

‘Why the hell are you pushing me away? You’re attracted to me!’

At that moment, he grabbed her shoulders and shook her, with an intense urge to ask why. His bloody hands trembled to curb strong violence. Taking advantage of the shake, Damia, who crawled out of his hands, stepped back and turned away.

“Thank you, Sir Akkard, for visiting. Please return home carefully.”

Akkard looked at Damia’s retreating back, unbelieving.

Akkard, with a wicked gaze, followed her with his eyes until she completely disappeared from sight. Damia never looked back.


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