PCP – 33

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“…..—What brings you here?”

Damia asked shakily. Their relationship was over after their one-night stand, so she had no clue why Akkard had come to see her.

When he heard her question, Akkard’s smile grew deeper.

“Oh, no. Can’t I visit without business to attend to? We had such a hot night.”

Akkard’s tone became much denser and thicker as her eyes fell on him. Damia’s cheeks flared up at words that brought up their past tryst. Akkard, looking at her reaction with joyful eyes, reached out and stroked her face.

“That day, I went easy. Most are afraid the first time. If I knew you would get away that day, I wouldn’t have gone so easy on you. You didn’t get fucked properly. I should have hit it until I tore apart your legs.”

Damia was dumbfounded and speechless. The words he said while lowering his white lashes and looking at her with deep eyes were perfectly vulgar.

Nevertheless, his face was so handsome and his delivery so confident that she couldn’t feel disgusted by him.

“It’s just the two of us here right now, so let’s be honest.”

A frowning Akkard squeezed and rung out the cravat on his neck, which was quickly released by his rough hand movements. The front of his shirt widened while the wind gave Damia a glimpse of his hollow collarbone and well-trained chest muscles.

“It was definitely your first time that day. Wasn’t it?”

His eyes were wild as a beast, and the question came out like a bolt of lightning striking the topic she most wanted to avoid.

“Why did you do that?”

Akkard’s question has a lot of meaning. No matter how sexually free young men and women were these days, everyone still regarded the first time as special.

He wanted to know why Damia threw her precious first time at a player like himself. Without knowing that he got caught up in her first experience, he felt he deserved to know why.

Damia’s face clouded after being grilled by the man with whom she spent the night with.

“……Why are you curious about that?”

She backed away, embarrassed while avoiding Akkard’s gaze, but he stepped forward, closing the distance between them.

“I’m so curious—I’m going crazy, so tell me.”

His big hand held her chin firmly.

“Why did you spread your legs to me when it was your first time.”

The heavy voice squeezed coldly into my ears. His attitude told me that he felt as if I treated him as if he was a prostitute that I had approached for some purpose.

Without being aware of it, I shivered. The man’s face in front of me was smiling but was icy. Only then I realized that I couldn’t get out of this situation without answering.

‘This is so awkward.’

Damia lowered her eyelashes to hide her embarrassment. And to alleviate the sharp atmosphere, she replied with a voice that sounded weak.

“……. what’s so important about the first time?”


Akkard doubted his ears heard her answer right. Of course the first experience was important to women—it was only natural. So wouldn’t they be making high-minded threats to the man to give them everything in return for giving him their first time?

Akkard has seen so many women clinging to him, but it was the first time in his life that he heard a woman say such a thing.

Akkard paused at the new shock. Taking advantage of his silence, Damia continued to speak in a quiet but clear voice:

“You know, Lord Akkard is a famous person, so when I heard he was coming to the North, I really wanted to see him. And actually Sir Akkard… was more wonderful than I thought

Damia, paused, and smiled shyly at him. Her eyes were glistening with rapture as if she were looking upon the most beautiful thing in the world. That moment Damia glanced at Akkard, revealing her eyes, and confessed sweetly.

“So I don’t regret last night. No, I’m rather grateful, because thanks to Sir Akkard, my first experience will remain a wonderful memory.”

She is making me crazy.

…… I’m going crazy.

This woman must know what to say to men to make them go crazy.

Being a confident male, I felt that my pride was a little assuaged.

Oh, of course– until she continued.

“So that’s enough for me. Please, I hope Sir Akkard will have good memories too…”

With her pleasing sounding words, it was cutting off– of ending it here, while they had good memories.

Immediately, Akkard’s agile mind read Damia’s true intentions and his great pride, which was rejected again, flared up.


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  1. Nice! Damia reversing the roles and turning the tables on Akkard! Seems he’s getting a taste of his own medicine for the first time!

  2. I’m reminded of the fact that I continue to enjoy this (I’m personally not into Akkard’s constant humiliation of Dami) because Dami continues to put Akkard in his place and though her attraction is clear, it doesn’t cloud her judgement and convictions. I love her sm loll

  3. I looove when a scummy male character is treated like this. She was respectful yet she made clear that it was good and fun, but not enough to want him back, lol.

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