PCP – 32

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Then, the only witness left here was Louise Ferria. She angrily looked at Damia’s gifts in both of her hands, strangely anxious. Just in time, the corners of Akkard’s mouth, which turned its head and stared at Louise, rose sharply.

“Louise Ferria.”

Unlike when dealing with Damia, his voice toward his younger brother’s* [*not literally his brother] sibling was cool. As a commander of the royal knights, his call was filled with a sense of overbearing might.

“What are you doing here at Count Primula’s estate?”

“I….. I have something to say to Ms. Damia… so I came here.”

Louise’s shoulders flinched at his frosty interrogation as she struggled to raise her chin. Their relationship seemed to be one of subordinate to superior rather than her brother’s friend and distant relative.

Seeing this, Damia thought,

‘I guess the two aren’t close.’

Louise has just spoken for him as if she was close to Akkard, but the reality was different from what she said. The sense of distance between them was apparent.

“What did you want to say? What is it? I’ve never heard of you being acquainted with Miss Dami.”

After hearing Louise’s answer, Akkard raised one eyebrow and asked again. Damia was puzzled by his attitude.

Louise was his distant relative’s younger sister. However, Akkard’s behavior towards her was as if she was his debtor, and he was a threatening loan shark pressing for payment. The mood was so terrifying that Louise, who had a bad temper, couldn’t even speak.

‘What a strange relationship.’

Damia decided to remember this feeling of disparity.

“Why are you intervening between Miss Damia and me? You are too much, Lord Akkard!”

Louise, who couldn’t stand it, protested, his voice trembling with resentment.

Damia hated Louise, but she had to agree. He had no right to question Louise. He was the same in that he visited without prior notice.

The atmosphere around them quickly froze. Akkard was smiling, but his eyes looking at Louise was sharp like a blade.

“Listen, Louise, the length of time I can stay in the north is short. That’s why I don’t want to waste my time with troublesome buzzing flies that keep disturbing my friendships.”

Unlike the acrimonious warning, his voice was creepily soft. He, who shut Louise’s mouth, turned to Damia and smiled with his purple eyes.

As she took a step back and watched the icy battle, Damia was instantly flustered. His deep purple eyes seemed to be peeling her clothes off with his eyes.

Akkard laughed satisfactorily, having briefly monopolized Damia’s gaze. Regardless of his reputation, he was still a man who could captivate anyone.

Every time Damia—who seemed arrogant, provocative, and calm— looked at him as if enchanted, Akkard became excited as if he was drunk. Her innocent and ecstatic eyes made the man’s blood boil hot.

Louise, who was left out amidst the exchange of bewitching glances between Damia and Akkard, bit her lip. Her shoulders shook with angry chagrin. Akkard opened his mouth with a sharp voice,

“It looks like you didn’t understand my words.”

Taking his gaze away from Damia, Akkard’s eyes quickly became severe. Akkard took a step towards Louise, bowed his head, and spoke spitefully at her twisted face.

“Get out. Right now.”

Louise’s face, which was insulted openly in front of Damia, turned red. Most gentlemen were careful in front of Louise, but instead, Akkard mocked and verbally abused her.

‘……you have a terrible personality.’

Damia looked at Akkard’s side profile with weary eyes. The temperament of a man as beautiful as an angel was worse than that of the devil. But even this seemed attractive because of his striking good looks.

“Oh—you’re so mean!!”

Lousie huffed, knocked down her chair, turned away, stomping and ran off with a slammed door. She went wild when she arrived and somehow managed to do even more when she left.

Akkard, who was the final winner, snickered as if showing off his viciousness, took the bouquet from Damia’s hand, and put it on the table without care.

Her now empty hand instantly became full again as sunburnt, hard, copper-colored hands intertwined with hers like branches. His big, muscular, good-looking fingers came in, spreading the gap between her slender fingers. And then they snuck in as if she was wearing tight grips like a trap


Now that there were only the two of them, alone, he revealed his true colors and whispered with a sexy languid smile.

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