PCP – 31

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Damia lowered her gaze. It was obvious what Louise was up to. It was clear that she thought Damia and herself were in similar positions as she had Akkard’s hand.

Louise thought that Damia was stirring Cesare just to disturb their relationship. When, in fact, Cesare was simply not interested in Louise, but Louise’s ego could not accept it. It was easier to make Damia into the villainess than her admitting to herself that Cesare was simply not attracted to her.

But Louise’s attempt to humiliate and paint Damia as the temptress, unfortunately for her, perfectly backfired at this precise moment. She tried to extract a promise that Damia would “Never be involved with Akkard again” when Akkard visited Damia out of his own volition.

“What should I do, Dami? Shall I welcome her guest inside?”

Inquired the meek Noella, not knowing what action to take next. She was already flustered and overwhelmed by the battle of thorny words between her stepdaughter and Lady Louise. She did not know how to deal with conflict, and to make matters worse, she was fretting about the impact of Akkard’s appearance.

Of course, Damia felt similarly. Her heart pounded and sank at the announcement that Akkard had arrived. Her whole body, previously heated with outrage, abruptly ran cold.

However, she couldn’t be weak in front of Louise. When she parted with Akkard and ended their brief relationship, she didn’t recall bothering him or him being antagonistic, so she didn’t think he was going to be disagreeable. So Damia raised her chin and bluffed.

“Oh, mother. Of course, you should let him inside. It would be perfect if we all dined together.”

Damia laughed sweetly with ease as she took in Lousie’s stiff face, who also didn’t expect Akkard’s visit. Damia took advantage of the opportunity to quickly poke Louise’s pride where it hurt.

“Miss Louise must have known beforehand? Isn’t it enough to hand over Lord Akkard’s sentiments yourself? I suppose he wanted to make it clear in person. If he was going to visit, you two are relatives; you could have informed me. Why did Lord Akkard come to my house to see my’ easy to get tired’ face?”

Louise, humiliated, gritted her teeth as tears sprung out of her eyes out of irate resentment. But she didn’t open her mouth as she did before. Unlike her recklessly rude behavior from before, she was practicing caution.

Just as Damia registered her unusual behavior—a deep, low, and extremely masculine scent grazed the tip of her nose.


His lips, as if touching her ears, called her name. It was a sweet call as if he stirred whipping cream in black coffee with his tongue.

“…..-Sir Akkard.”

Damia looked at him in astonishment. Seeing him again after two days, he still looked dazzling. He wore a suit that fitted well with his sturdy physique, and his straight, bright teeth revealed by a smile was surprisingly handsome.

Damia, distracted by his stunning image, was inadvertently self-conscious. It was the first time she had slept with a man, so she was at a loss at how to treat him now that she was face-to-face with him in broad daylight.

“The Countess of Primula. And… Lady Damia.”

Luckily, Akkard knew exactly what to do. Wearing the mask of an immaculate gentleman in front of her stepmother, Noella, he delivered a polite greeting flawlessly.

“I apologize for this unannounced visit. I prepared a small gift of apology, so please accept it.”

With not even a moment to refuse, her hands quickly became heavier.

It was an exquisite box decorated with gold leaf and small jewels, lightly trimmed and painted in colorful colors. It was the first time Damia saw the artistic refinement of the capital.

“I hope you like it.”

Akkard smiled and opened the lid of the box. Inside it was filled with a colorful assortment of macaroons that brought pleasure just by sight.

Almonds, the main ingredient of macaroons, was usually a snack that couldn’t be eaten in the north because it grew in the south’s warmer regions.

Stunned by the charm and alluring cuteness, Damia was momentarily awestruck. Seeing the gap in her senses, Akkard put a bouquet of flowers in her other hand.

“Oh, and lilacs bloomed in the garden. The scent was so pleasing that I thought of you.”

The smell of fresh and sweet lilacs poured into her arms. With gifts, Akkard effectively sealed both of her hands and pulled in her defenseless self, and kissed Damia on the cheek.

“I didn’t forget that you were kind to me at the last banquet. I’m here to repay you for your kindness, so please don’t reject me for being rude.”

Akkard’s way with words was very clever. He obviously understood Damia’s intention of “end it with a one-night stand,” but he ignored it and spoke as if he had the right to choose the option of a relationship.

Unfortunately, his impudence was perfectly obscured by the capital’s cunning style of socializing. Noella blushed, wholly taken by Akkard’s bold courting. Then, fidgeting, she grabbed little Leon and slipped away.

“I-I’ll be away for a moment. Since we have guests, I need to prepare dinner.”


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  2. Th main ingredient of macaroons is coconut. The main ingredient of macarons is almond.
    They’re 2 different things.

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