PCP – 30

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“What are you talking about now!? Oh my gosh! You should be ashamed. You are really amazing!!”

Louise jumped in on the unexpected swipe attack.

Her face, seemingly delicate and elegant, was distorted. She looked at Damia with contempt, as if she was a promiscuous woman.

Seeing this, Damia laughed. She knew Louise wasn’t without any controversy herself. She recalled the interesting sight her best friend, Cecil, had seen when she was taken to Louise’s mansion forcibly.

“I heard all the rumors. Isn’t the new butler in Count Ferria’s mansion is very capable?”

“Now, are you looking at other people’s butlers? You really pursue men Miss Damia!”

Louise replied with an innocent face, but her eye and eyebrow twitched. She didn’t think Damia knew anything about her private butler working at her family’s mansion.

A pleased Damia watched Louise, who was caught off guard.

“Well, to be exact, I don’t pursue men; men pursue me.”

Damia, who answered leisurely, had a proud expression. This attitude went very well with her voluptuous figure and attractive face.

Hatred and jealousy mixed into Louise’s gaze as she stared at her.

“Actually, I’m not interested in the butlers of the Ferria family. Unlike anyone who suddenly comes in without an invitation to someone else’s mansion, I’m not so idle.

“Why are you talking about it even though you are not interested? Let’s go back to the original topic, instead of talking about other butlers.”

Louise clenched her teeth and tried to change the direction of the conversation. It seemed to her that if this topic continued, it would be against her.

However, Damie had no intention of letting go of Louise’s weakness. She hated fights, but she never said that she would just take punches because she disliked them. She laughed sweetly at Louise’s efforts, holding her chin.

“Was the name probably– Was it Las? A gorgeous housekeeper with dark hair and watery eyes. That’s funny. I’ve never seen him before, but somehow his description reminds me of someone.”

Damia’s red lips flashed a sizzling smile. She smiled as if she knew what Louise was secretly doing with her butler, who looked like Cesare. Louise’s face turned pale after being stabbed with the weakness she had most wanted to hide.

“Lady Louise.”

Damia whispered in a soft voice to her, who couldn’t say a word back.

“Don’t think about taking it out on me because my brother won’t deal with you. Don’t push my brother and I together—use disgusting imagination—and if you keep doing that, I might “make a mistake” and tell him about your cute butler.”

Louise glared at Damia as if she wanted to stab her in the eye. Then at one point, Louise’s face brightened as if something had come to mind.

“……I see what you mean. Alright, Lady Damia.”

Louise laughed like the man who hid the poisoned dagger in his arms. Naturally, this didn’t work for Damia.

Damia thought Louise’s smile, pretending to be harmless, was abominable and waited for her next attack. And her chosen means of attack was unexpected.

“Instead, I would be grateful if Miss Damia would not approach my relative, my older brother, anymore.”

Damia frowned, confused. Then, she suddenly realized that the ‘older brother’ Louise was referring to was Akkard Valerian.

“As you know, my relative’s older brother is a person who has had enough trouble with the ‘pollution’ in the south. But some stupid women from all over the place keep throwing themselves at him, like moths to the fire.”


“Oh, of course, Damia is beautiful. I admit that. But honestly, he was a little bored, right? On that day, my relative brother might have made a mistake because he was drunk, but he’s never going to want to get involved with you again. I’m saying this for your sake. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Louise, who was anxious to hurt Damier, laughed with joy. Damia, looking at her sly face, was about to open her mouth and refute her assumptions.

“I’m sorry to interrupt the conversation, but Damia…”

Suddenly, Noella, who had stepped out of the fight, returned to her seat with more embarrassing news.

“There’s a visitor outside. His name is… Akkard Valerian, a gentleman.”

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