PCP – 2

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“Huh? Run… ..away?”

Damia looked like a startled rabbit with big eyes, as she inquired. It was a one night stand. Akkard was famous for quickly breaking up women. Since it was her first time, perhaps he wasn’t satisfied with her skills or mannerisms. 

‘You didn’t even know I was inexperienced in the first place…. ….’

If he had known the truth, he would never have agreed to sleep with her. It’s painful to touch a virgin.

Damia tricked him into sleeping with her by acting like a woman skilled in the joys of the night. Therefore Akkard would definitely feel deceived. That’s why Damia didn’t get angry at his reaction earlier. 

She had used Akkard to forget her pain, and now that her business was done, she should leave.

At least Damia had thought so. But Akkard’s thoughts seemed different from hers.

“Aren’t you running away? Last night you cried your heart out, but my dick still wasn’t satisfied.”

He ignored the fact that her crying made him more excited. Then he pulled Damia’s slender waist.

The wind caused the sheets, which were barely on the bed to begin with, to fall. Akkard was about to kick the sheet to the corner. But his sharp eyes picked up the bloodstains on a corner of the sheet.

After seeing this, Akkard frowned and his eyes narrowed menacingly.


Last night flashed through Akkard’s mind as he processed his shock. It never occurred to him that Damia Primula was a virgin. Just by the beauty of her face, he had assumed she had eaten a hundred men whole. He was stunned.

Had Akkard known this, he would never have responded to her tempting invitation. Akkard stared at the bloodstains with a childish contempt.

He hated virgins. Women usually attached too much meaning to their first relationship and tended to think granting their first night to a man was some great favor but to Akkard, it was a headache. 

Soon Damia Primula will be demanding and nagging him, too. When he thought so, Akkard was perturbed but quickly concluded it would be necessary to receive mental alimony in advance before being subjected to full-fledged suffering—using her fantastic body, of course.

“Sir Akkard”

At this time, Damia, who was caught by him, hesitated to open her mouth.

“I’m so sorry……I have to go now.”

“If that’s the way it is, of course, I’ll let you go.”

An unexpected answer came from Akkard’s mouth. His thick low voice was so soft it sent tantalizing chills down her spine and her back went stiff. 

Damia pushed him to let her go, but he didn’t budge. 

Unaccustomed to men, she couldn’t understand why he was doing this. As she looked up with trembling eyes, his sensuous lips whispered with a cool smile.

“Please go if you’re confident you can run away after I give you my hard cock and one hell of a fuck.”

His vulgar words froze Dami and made her question her hearing. Unlike Akkard, who often played and socialized in the circles of debauchery, she came from conservative Northern stock and was physically naive. Therefore, she never heard the word “cock” come out of someone’s mouth before.

Akkard did not miss the moment. His hunting spirit hardened and grew sharp. As she tried to push him away, he drew her closer; her ample breasts clung firmly to his solid muscles.

“Ah. Lord Akkard…”

Damia twisted her body in embarrassment because she was at a loss of what to do. Her attempt to escape was respectable, but she had only ended up rubbing her nipples on his solid abs and chest. Feeling her initially soft nipples gradually straightening up, Akkard licked his lips and laughed.

“You’re going to go outside with your chest up like this? To whom | To have a pretty nipple sucked?”

Akkard pinched her nipples slowly, grasping her soft white breasts in his well-built tanned hands. His titillating touch stroked a burning flame hidden deep inside her body.


Damia twisted her body to avoid it, but could not move away from his thick body. Holding her waist with both hands, he threw her onto the bed at once. And in an instant, he climbed on top of her.


Damia, startled, opened her eyes wide and looked up at him. For a moment, she thought a huge lion had winded her. With that big muscular body, it was amazing that he could move so quickly.

He laughed, twisting the corners of his mouth, watching Damia’s trembling eyes. With a predatory smile, he whispered shamelessly to her.

“Don’t worry dear, if you wish, I can fuck you until you are happily sore and can’t endure it anymore.”

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