PCP – 3

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Damia blushed at his explicit words. An intense heated flush traveled from her face to her exposed breasts. She started to breathe hard and her mouth went dry at the fierce sexual tension. The sense of being hunted secretly thrilled her.

Damia shrugged and tried to cover herself but her timid attempts were soon curbed. He snorted low, amused at her cute actions. Then he held Damia’s arms up and slowly down on the bed.

Damia’s delicate naked body was revealed. The scene underneath him confirmed that Akkard was a hot-blooded virile male.

Akkard looked down at her bulging and jiggling breasts, his violet eyes darkened. He bit and chewed her up so many times last night that her swollen cherry-like nipples were incredibly sexy. Akkard’s eyes deepened when he glanced at the intensely ripe reddish color on her flesh.

“I’m a lucky bastard.”

With his head down, he gently held the nipple in his mouth. When his hot, moist tongue sucked the sensitive tip, Damia inhaled.

His tongue was overwhelming and didn’t spare her. He licked up the saliva, then rolled her tip with his tongue again, soothingly. He soon washed up to the dark-colored nipple and pressed it with his lips and tongue. A spontaneous sound of pleasure came out of Damia due to Akkard skilled and lewd caresses, making her flutter.


“Feeling good? I haven’t even touched this side yet; it’s excited and standing stiff.”

Looking at her other breast, Akkard chuckled. The hot breath tickled in contact with the bare chest and neck.

Damia covered her breasts with her arms, red-faced. Still, her innocent body was helplessly swayed by his skillful caress. He was a man of his word, so she would feel good enough to die.

“Just like last night.”

There was a reason why she chose Akkard as her first experience.

Akkad Valerian, a man from the capital. A great talent who is a direct subordinate of the Crown Prince, young and yet still heads the Royal Knights, and… …a very bad man who shares a bed but never shares his heart.

“That’s why there are so many women in the capital community who cried.”

This caused a stir in northern society when Akkard was ordered to go to the northern city of Rome. There was a state of emergency called the ‘Akkard Warning’.

The north was quite a conservative atmosphere compared to the capital. The ladies were busy tending to their own unmarried daughters and nieces early on.

All the men in Rome had sour faces, having fits, and giving trite moral lectures. Drums resounded down streets; bards sang songs, poets waxed lines and cliché flyers warned against the infamous casanova. 

So Damia decided to choose him.

Akkad Valerian | Because he’s a bad boy that won’t ask for her heart and he’s going back to the capital someday.

There was nothing like a night with Akkard to water down the confidence of the men who dared to try and control Damia. Of course, Akkard wouldn’t be too thrilled; he would gain another tale to his notorious reputation.

“……what are you thinking? 

The sudden spread of Akkard’s hand held Damia’s face. The man with tanned skin, silver hair, and dark purple eyes were breathtakingly sexy. Damia unintentionally gulped when his big shoulder and thick chest muscles twitching came into her field of vision.

“I’m in front of you, and you dare to think of something else?”

With Damia’s eyes now full of Akkard, he smiled triumphantly, the corners of his mouth twisting into a grin. He relished the power his well-trained body had over women.

“We still have plenty of time. But look how eager and hard your nipples are.”


His fingers approached Damia’s other breast, and she whimpered. He could feel the spectacle of the scarlet cherry nipples standing upright on her ample breasts.

Surprised by this, Damia hurriedly wrapped her arms around her chest. As he said, he didn’t even caress her yet, but here she was already reacting —embarrassingly her desires were on full display. 

As if she was eagerly anticipating what would come next.

“Why hide it? It’d be unfair if only one side got attention. Now, let’s visit this one, too.”

The wickedly smiling Akkard pressed her arm down onto the bed. His hot, forbidden hand held her large breast to the filled his considerable hands and pinched the nipple that stood on it.

“It seems only when you cum, you’ll come to your senses.” 

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