PCP – 26

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Sweet sweat of anticipation seeped out of my skin, and my heart was pounding in my ears.

His lips sucked in my nipples a little bit harder, and the movements of the penis rubbing between my labia became even more fierce. I couldn’t bear it because I felt so good both above and below. My toes spontaneously curled, and I was becoming shorter and shorter of breath.

I felt I was floating when a sudden white light exploded through my closed eyes as well as the feeling of opening up.

“Ahhhhaaaa ahhhhhh…!!”

My first orgasm. It was intense. It seemed that my body was trembling uncontrollably, and a thrilling electric current was spreading through my legs.

As Damia reached her peak, her sweat made her face flush and glow, her lips parted and quivered, her brow expressed exquisite elation, and her blush reached her watery eyes that rolled back—she was just so erotic looking. Akkard couldn’t take his eyes off her face and ejaculate over her convulsing thighs.


His semen falling gradually over the white thighs like snow was a truly superb sight.

Akkard’s lips were reddened by blood, and his appetite was refreshed. Then, clasping Damia’s hair, he kissed her.

Just in time, Akkard was informed of their arrival in front of his mansion. It was very good news. The night just started, and it was promising to be a very long and enjoyable one.


“…I should have done that.”

Akkard woke up alone to an empty bedroom. He frowned. After sharing such a hot night with him, she left him in the cold early morning air. Leaving a reminder that she never intended to see him again.

This was the first time in his life that Akkard had faced such a situation. He must have done ‘well’ last night. He even took the junior under his wing and gave her the best experiences and lessons. This was too much.

Her face was still clear in his mind’s eye, reaching its peak over and over again, brightly glowing. Under the long eyelashes with beautiful red hair flowing and a winding blush like a flowering sea.

When her blue eyes with tears looked up at him as if begging and pleading for him, Akkard had felt so enthralled with a sense of superiority.

Akkard had had no doubt that she was crazy him. And why wouldn’t she? He was an outstanding man—Damia’s eyes even shined when she looked at him! Just looking at her eyes, he had felt like he had become the most special man in the world.

“Then, why did you leave?”

What an unbelievable thing! Akkard’s pride as a man was hurt, and his eyes boiled hot.

At this moment, he was dying to know what Damia Primula was thinking.

Meanwhile, Damia, who got up at the same time, blankly thought:

‘I’m hungry.’

Yesterday, because of vigorous physical exercise, Damia was very hungry. She looked around with heavily lidded eyes. She slept in someone else’s bedroom yesterday, but where she woke up today was not her bedroom, either.

Of course, that didn’t mean that Damia became a prodigal in a short time. When she was about to get out of the pink fur quilt, a blanket that was not to her taste, the door to the bedroom bursted open.

“Get up, you sleepyhead!”

It was Cecil, the owner of this bedroom. She was bruised without hiding her unpleasant expression.

Damia, who owed Cecil, felt a sting of guilt. But she wasn’t afraid of her friend. Contrary to her disgruntled attitude, Cecil held a small tray with morning tea, bread, and scone jam butter in her hand.

“I really can’t live because of you, Damia Primula!”

Cecil had brushed aside the maid and put down the tray she brought exasperatedly, but she took a piece of bread, applied butter by hand, and put it in Damia’s hand.

“You haven’t returned once these two days, so it looks like Cesare is very determined. He left to see Count Primula right away to tell him what you are doing. What the hell are you going to do?”

At that, Damia frowned. She assumed Cesare would not remain still with his temper, as she had lost her virginity before his eyes. But, still, to have followed her father on his business trip to reveal her…

Her step brother’s actions had crossed the line. Damia’s eyes sank as she cut the bread.

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