PCP – 25

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The wobbling of the carriage increased as it started to climb the mountainous road. This also increased the rubbing between Akkard’s hard member and the soft feminine body between his legs. He quickly grew feverish. 

Damia’s cool skin, under his fingertips, was as smooth and moist as silk. Every time he was sucked in between her voluptuous ass cheeks, he felt like he was going to be blown away. This was no different from the titillation of sex.

If it feels so good just to be rubbed on top of your clothes, how much more shocking will it taste if you hit it in there? When he thought about it, Akkard felt as if his mouth was watering.

‘Fuck your suspicions.’

I couldn’t take it anymore. At the tip of my nose, her delicate scent struck a violent impulse. An overwhelming passion consumed my mind. It was utterly impossible to relinquish such a lewd body.


Now entirely determined to push aside his hesitation and sense of foreboding, Akkard pushed her shoulder down. Damia blinked; suddenly, she was down on the lush seats of the carriage.

The sensation of her skirt abruptly poured down on her chest, and belatedly cold air touching her legs came to her. Only then did Damia realize that her skirt had been lifted up. It’s like a scene in a red book depicting the love affairs of a man and a woman and their exciting trysts.

Akkard above her stared at her lower body exposed under her skirt with intense eyes. The curves of elastic thighs, slender calves, and tight ankles looked delicious.

Akkard’s hunger reached a new height; he slid her legs down, grabbed Damia’s ankles, and spread them wide. With his waist firmly placed between the fascinating culmination between her legs, he skillfully settled down.

“……Sir Akkard?”

Damia called his name with a quivering voice because she could feel the straight upright line of his log over her thin underwear. The pillar objected so indignantly that he seemed to threaten to break through the piece of cloth.

“Why, didn’t you want this?”

Akkard’s hand reached out to push her hair back behind her ear and smiled. And he coyly grumbled like he was wronged.

“You’re the one who shook your hips on my lap. Asking me to hurry up and put it in.”

Her ears burned at his obscene words as she recalled her shameless actions.

As soon as Dami blushed, he opened the front of his trousers. In a blink of an eye, his revealed organ rubbed over Damia’s thin and wet underwear. Thinking it was going to pierce her right away, Damia was intimidated.


For the first time in my life, I felt the member of a man. It was hard that I couldn’t believe it was flesh.  

With a piece of cloth between them, it went up and down like a clump over Damia’s vagina. Whenever that happened, his hot tip wandered between her labia and rubbed her flinching clitoris.

 Damia, on her back, watched the man, his eyes glued shut, enthralled with a primitive sensual teasing. He was groaning low, frowning, and the mere sight of his racy face poked her insides, making her grow stickier and wetter.

 Damia felt that her legs were getting soaked quickly. She was afraid of venturing out into this unknown world, but she was also so excited.


The wagon jumped up again. Then, his penis, which had been fluctuating back and forth, caught in a concave of her vaginal mouth and bounced lightly. Because of this, he poked through the entrance as if it would come in right away.


Damia exclaimed in surprise. She did not know the touch of a thick, hard head before that moment. Fortunately, Akkard interpreted her groan differently and thought she was reluctant to have a relationship in a shaky car.

“I’d like to jump in right now, but…”

He mumbled, gently biting her neck: “There is no need to hurry.” He wasn’t a child, and the night was only just beginning.

So Akkard decided to relax a little and enjoy it. He gathered Damia’s breasts, which were exposed above her dress, and sucked them with greed. At the same time, he began rubbing his manhood against Damia and directed her:

“Tighten your thighs. If you don’t want it to get stuck in here.”

Damia did what he told her to do despite her hesitation. From above, he rolled her nipples that were tingling with the tip of his tongue: he sucked in the side and crushed it well. At the same time, from below, his hot, slippery penis rubbed between her petals.

The thin underwear was wet with body fluids and sticking to the vagina allowing his tower to go in and out between her legs more smoothly.

 Damia was now able to distinguish his bulging head rubbing against her narrow gap. Because of the excitement, his hot penis poked obscenely over her swollen clitoris, causing a dull pleasure to grow into a tingling pleasure and gradually spreading until it threatened to paralyze her legs.

‘Oh, just a little more……’

Damia raised her waist in an impatient mood, not knowing what she wanted. The imminent and tantalizing rush of pleasure ate into her body and made her pant. 


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