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In fact, the first candidate Heinrich considered was Cesare. With both his biological father and mother in Heinrich’s hands, it would have been easy to threaten him if he were normal.

“But Cesare doesn’t seem to have a very deep affection for his biological parents. What a pity.”

And he was too shrewd. Using him as a guide would be too dangerous, so Heinrich had to find another alternative.

He next thought of Lessid, who was once a fairly high priest. But once he heard his proposal, he also shook his head.

‘I can’t.’

Lessid was a priest who had not been completely ordained, so he did not stay in the High Temple. Instead, he moved back and forth from his home, commuting.

‘So, I am not very familiar with the High Temple either.’

Heinrich pondered this more deeply. He carefully reviewed and vetted his remaining candidates.

And he came to only one logical result: no guide was more perfect than Damia’s father, Count Primula.

He had been supplying goods to the Great Shrine for generations and had had experience meeting various key positions, including the Great Priest and High Commissioner. So, he knew several routes, such as warehouses for goods, storage areas, and back roads for transport.

‘Above all, there is no fear of betrayal.’

Heinrich, having heard her father’s circumstances from Damia, determined so.

Count Primula cherished his daughter. Therefore, he did not want his daughter to inherit his fate as the head of the household and even considered appointing his adopted son, Cesare, as his successor.

Therefore, for his beloved daughter’s future, he would most likely join the plan. But upon hearing this offer, Damia stiffened.

“But my father still has the ‘forbidden stigma’ engraved in the High Temple, Your Highness.”

The ‘forbidden stigma,’ initially used to control enslaved people, could inflict severe burn-like torture on the engraved one. Moreover, when it was a high priest with strong divine power, they could kill their subordinates through the ‘forbidden stigma.’

She couldn’t put his father in such danger.

“Don’t worry about that. I have a way.”

Against Damia’s strong opposition, Heinrich came up with an unexpected solution.

“What do you mean? If the forbidden stigma is not removed by the caster… … .”

“Calm down and look at this, Lady Damia.”

Heinrich put something of his on the palm of his hand and showed it. It was like a white, square, adhesive bandage for a wound.

“It was an invention made by Kurd. If you put this on the Forbidden Brand, it will cut off the Holy Power attached to it.”

Showing her the ‘patch,’ Heinrich added an additional explanation.

“Upon hearing about your father, Kurd put a lot of effort into making it.”

Contrary to his aloof and back alley appearance, Kurd was surprisingly sincere and brilliant. Damia looked down at his invention with a complicated feeling mixed with worry.

“The effect is… … Are you sure?”

“Of course. But it only lasts two days.”

So, they had to accomplish the mission quickly. Looking towards Damia, still hesitating, Heinrich urged with a soft smile.

“Why, Lady Damia? You’re smart, so you know. There can be no liberation without struggle.”

… … He was correct. In order to free her father from his yoke and the bondage of the High Temple, they had to take that risk.

Damia closed her eyes with a sigh. And after a brief thought, she finally raised her chin.

“I understand, I’ll tell my father myself… … I will send him a letter.”

“Great, the situation is urgent, so please do it as soon as possible.”


Damia nodded. Heinrich, looking at her in admiration, dismissed her.

“You must have a lot of work to do, so you can go now.”

But instead of leaving, Damia hesitated for a moment. She looked up carefully at Heinrich and spoke up,

“I’m sorry, my lord… … There is one thing I would like to make a request for.”

“What is it?”

“If you allow me, I would like to speak with Cesare, who is in solitary confinement.”

She wanted to know why Cesare had tormented her so persistently.

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