PCP – 247

“Of course.”

To Damia’s cautious question, Heinrich responded as if it was apparent.

“The fake Saint planted in the royal palace cannot be reached, and your stepmother in the north has disappeared. Unless they’re idiots, they’re bound to know something’s wrong.”

Then, how will the High Temple come out?

After many years of experimentation, they finally completed a weapon called ‘Pollution.’ However, now that the temple is about to expand its ambitions, their tails have been caught.

So obviously, they wouldn’t stand still. Damia was very worried about that.

“For now, I expect one of the two actions to be taken,”

Heinrich tapped his toes lightly and remarked lightly as if he was joking.

“Since it was discovered, they will destroy all the evidence on ‘pollution’ and pretend as if nothing ever happened.”

Or… … .

“The moment I go to rescue the saint, they will kill the real saint and frame me for it and the rampant ‘pollution’.”

If that happened, Heinrich would be busy claiming his innocence that he didn’t murder the Saint. Then, even if the truth about ‘pollution’ were exposed, people would assume the Crown Prince had conspired against the Great Shrine to cover up his sins.

While preoccupying Heinrich with the scandal, the High Temple would use the opportunity to spread ‘pollution’ throughout the kingdom. After that, they would say that all these ‘natural disasters’ were divine punishment because the Crown Prince assassinated the Saint.

“Probably the latter.”

The moment she heard it, Damia immediately responded.

With an unprecedented weapon called ‘Pollution,’ obtained even by making countless people sick, there was no way the High Temple would simply give up such a powerful weapon.

Moreover, their objective was to weaken the royal power and strengthen religious authority. To this end, they manipulated public opinion and labeled Heinrich as a ‘cursed prince.’

The people who were instigated by this really thought that the ‘pollution’ was due to the wrath of God. As a result, Heinrich’s reputation hit rock bottom.

So, if the High Temple puts their mind to it, with just a bit of timing and luck… … . There was no reason why Heinrich could not be blamed for all their sins.

“So, in this battle, the one who holds the real Saint in the end will win. Maybe,”

Heinrich concluded with a grin on his face, flashing his teeth. Now that he was labeled cursed, he needed the testimony and proof of ‘Saint Callistea’ as a holy witness to purge the High Temple.

“Perhaps the High Temple won’t even try to kill the real Saint either. Because she is the main driving force for extracting the corrupted Holy Power, which is the main ingredient for ‘Pollution’. Maybe it will depend on our actions.”

So Heinrich plotted a suitable ‘trick’ to buy time. He deliberately took the fake Saint Calix as hostage and offered a ‘deal’ beforehand.

They haven’t responded yet, probably wondering what step to take first.

‘They will try to figure out how much we know and what our intentions are in offering a deal.’

So they were able to stall for time. The Great Shrine wouldn’t make any drastic decisions until they understood the truth behind this.

“It’s a race against time,”

Damia murmured in surprise. Heinrich replied with a light smile.

“That’s right. So we have to hurry.”

So far, his plan was roughly as follows:

Calix, the fake Saint, developed a deep resonance with his twin sister while using her divine powers. So he could roughly figure out where the Saint was imprisoned.

Heinrich planned to form a special team with him at the forefront to infiltrate the headquarters of the High Temple. The ultimate goal was to rescue the ‘real saint.’

“So, Lady Damia, I think your father should assist us,”

Heinrich rested his chin between his hands, inspecting her reaction. Damia’s eyes widened at his unexpected words.

“What do you mean, Your Highness?”

“I’m sorry, but Calix can only sense a rough ‘direction’. Finding the path to get there is another matter. So, we need someone who knows the internal structure of the Great Shrine of the High Temple.”

Damia understood his explanation. As a northern, she knew about the High Temple

Larger than any citadel, the headquarters of the temple was an ancient massive structure. It was a series of vast buildings that the monks of ancient times built to escape religious persecution and could only be described as a secret fortress or labyrinth.

Calix had been there since childhood, but unfortunately, he wasn’t as high as his sister. The area accessible to such a low-level priest was minimal, so he was unaware of the internal structure.

“As you know, the High Temple is a very closed place, and the only open area is the outside access area. So very few have ever gone inside.”

One of the few was Damia’s father. Heinrich was seriously considering using him as a ‘guide.’

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