PCP – 246

Damia frowned at the unexpected question. She pointed to herself and asked in disbelief.

“Are you asking me, now?”

Nora nodded her head at this.

“You know, that kid is strangely…. to you, Damia, no… … he was very interested in the lady. So I wondered if you two had ever met before my remarriage… … .”

Hearing her query, Damia’s mouth was left agape, dumbfounded.

“That was what I wanted to ask. Don’t you have any ideas why? You’re his real mother, right?”

“… … Well—there was a situation… … .”

Nora blushed with a sheepish look of shame. When she looked at her face, it was clear that she really had no clue.

She had wondered why Cesare was obsessed with her and desperately looked for an answer but was now disappointed. But he was locked up anyway, and now that the interrogation was over, she would have a chance to ask questions.

‘I should make a request to the Crown Prince.’

With that in mind, Damia decided to postpone dealing with Cesare. And she got to the point.

“While you were coming to the capital, you must have already heard about it. About Priest Calix.”

Then, Nora’s shoulder, shaking before, just froze. She asked with a choking sound, forgetting how to breathe.

“He —really… … He’s alive?”

Even after hearing the news, it seemed that she was always skeptical. When the report of Calix’s disappearance came in, the High Temple had effectively declared him dead.

Calix was a sinner who had a child while being a priest. Therefore, despite being the twin brother of the saint, he was sent only to the harshest and worst places.

‘For example, a place infested with demons.’

So, even if he died at the dispatch site, no one would suspect a thing. However, it was a missing person report rather than a death because they could not find a body torn by beasts.

Nora thought that Calix was dead. She was more shocked by the news that he was alive than when her identity was discovered.

He loved her even while he was a priest, the man who fell to the lowest place. Nevertheless, he was a foolish person who loved her unconditionally.

“Do you want to meet him?”

asked the stepdaughter of the man she had deceived as she stared at her profile. She shouldn’t dare nod when she thought of the sins she had committed, but… … .

“Meet, see… … I want to.”

Nora trembled as she articulated her preferences for the first time.

* * *

“Very well done, Lady Damia.”

Heinrich praised her with her satisfied face. Needless to say, Damia made a very impressive move.

She remained calm, even when she confronted her stepmother, who dared to deceive everyone with a false identity and enter her family so she could watch her father under the High Temple’s orders. She then used her guilt against her to convince and persuade Calix.

“I think finding the real saint will be much easier thanks to you. The twins have keen abilities, so if he is close he can roughly sense where she is.”

So it was necessary to cooperate with Calix to find the real saint. But he feared what would happen to the woman he loved if he collaborated with the Crown Prince.

It was for this reason that Nora was stolen from the North. The watchmen of the High Temple were next to her, but fortunately, she was cooperative. So they could evade the watchman and bring her safely to the palace.

Damia didn’t know what Calix and Nora were talking about. She had only overheard his cry as soon as Nora entered the room.

It was an incredibly heartbreaking, mournful sound coming from a middle-aged man.

About an hour later, Calix walked out and said he would cooperate. Fortunately, things worked out as planned, but there was one thing to worry about.

“Instead … … I guess you’ve already noticed?”

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