PCP – 241

“Maybe a few months? A year? If we’re lucky, maybe even a few years.”

But after that? Will you still love me at that time?

Damia asked. Akkard, realizing the implications of that blatant question, turned pale.

“You… … You don’t trust me, right?”


Damia answered with the frankness of a northerner. Of course, she couldn’t trust him.

A person’s mouth could lie any number of times to suit the situation. Giving out fancy excuses or pretending to feel guilty wouldn’t be difficult.

But actions do not lie. So, it is ten times more cumbersome and difficult to consistently prove something with actions than to say grand things.

This is why actions are more reliable than words. However, Akkard’s past actions were unfortunately not very reliable for Damia.

“I know you might love me a little now—maybe even quite a bit. But I don’t believe that love will last.”

Damia looked straight into his eyes and confessed. She knew very well that she wasn’t good at playing love games or training men by acting like a fox.

So Akkard would get tired of her very quickly. He wouldn’t be able to give up his dog-like habits, so he would soon turn to a younger, more attractive woman. He was a notorious playboy, so it would be easy for him to move on with his light heart.

‘How much can you trust the sincerity of a playboy in the first place?’

No, does a flirt have sincerity in the first place? Damia thought skeptically.

She couldn’t give her heart to an illusion that might exist. Especially someone like her who, once in love, not only gave her heart but also foolishly devoted her everything.

Damia’s only love was unrequited, and even that she held onto over ten years. So, her life after being betrayed by Akkard would probably be terribly long and painful.

‘Now I don’t want to go through that kind of pain again.’

For that reason, Akkard’s face, upon being rejected by Damia, was drained of blood. He clung to her urgently as if on he was on the verge of falling off a cliff.

“I… … I know I lived like trash, Damia. But it was all a foolish mistake before meeting you. I swear on my name, you are special. I never think of you as easily like any other woman.”

“Why? What is the difference between other women and me?”

Damia asked back quietly, not shaking. Akkard was briefly at a loss for words.

What’s the difference? No, it would be quicker to ask what is the same. No one talks about what the one and only sun resembles.

Instead, they will speak of other little things that resemble the sun even in the slightest way. Damia was just… … She was unique to him.

It was his first time. To have someone so special. He felt that Damia was so precious, that only she could change him, and she could ruin him.

However, words could not express this affectionate feeling, a deep and passionate feeling that could not be compared to anything. No words—words he knew were too common and insignificant to express such an overwhelming feeling.

“Please, Damia. I, now… … I cannot be without you.”

Akkard reached out, trembling, and clasped her hand. And he continued his words, barely swallowing a large, painful lump that kept choking his throat.

“I know, I’m a man you can’t trust. Words can never outweigh actions. And unfortunately for me, I have no words ready that can weigh more than my past.”

“… … .”

“No matter how desperately I appeal to you right now, it won’t mean anything.”

Having said that, Akkard took a deep breath. Then he opened her trembling lips, barely whispering.

“But Dami… I don’t want anyone else, I just want you. Even if you turn away from me here, no other woman can replace you.”

It was his most bitter and painful sincerity, showing his underbelly and splitting it open, now naked and vulnerable.

Upon hearing this, Damia lowered her eyes. Akkard face, who calmly confessed his heart, looked so sad she couldn’t keep looking at him.

It would be a lie if his pleadings and appeals did not shake her heart. Akkard Valerian was an attractive man by all accounts, and the love confessions she heard from him were bitterly heartbreaking.

Her heart was pounding and throbbing painfully. He was just like a giant diamond; no matter how secretive and bloody the object was, its value did not change.

Moreover, he was the only man Damia had by her side during her most difficult times. He comforted her with his words and embraced her with his large, hot body.

A man who swore to protect her in his name. A man who cared more about the small wound on her neck even after a knife pierced his thigh. Even if it was a fleeting moment’s whim, how could her heart not be shaken?

He even became the ‘first man’ she slept with, so no matter how hard Damia tried not to show affection, she couldn’t help but feel for him.

‘I… … I really liked him more than I thought.’

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