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The unfamiliar sensation of the hard tip of a tongue titillating her skin over wet clothes made Damia gasp unconsciously. It was new, scary, nerve-wracking, but at the same time, there was a curiosity and an expectation and hope for more of the unknown.

“You’re sweet, Damia.”

He mischievously whispered into her ear. Then he bit the cloth drenched in honey wine and pulled it down.

Her nipples that had been stiff for a while due to her aroused state were now fully exposed. The tips, which had been slightly soaked in honey, was glowing with a deep pink color. Akkard took in the sight with delighted eyes and hurriedly bit it.


His heated tongue was so feverish it made me dizzy, wrapping around squeezing my nipples, then rolling around the tips and sucking them. Then he gently bit them, so there was no pain and then began licked them again.

My body melted as he teased as if he was lapping up delicious chocolate ice cream against his heated tongue. I was so excited that I felt lightheaded.


Damia was at a loss at what to do and half out of her mind when with clumsy movements, she wrapped her arms around Akkard’s neck. She hesitated for a moment and then kissed him on his lips. She was hoping to appear as experienced and proficient as possible in this situation.

It was a light kiss that touched and dropped slightly.

But, it was also Damia’s first kiss.

Maybe that’s why I got a little nervous and bumped against front teeth.


Damia, surprised by the touch of teeth, quickly retreated, and she saw Akkard’s breathtakingly handsome face in front of her nose. He looked at Damia with much deeper eyes than before, licking his lips and then biting his lower lip with an amused chuckle.

“You’re bad at being slutty.”

His words made Damia unwillingly glow. Too ashamed to look straight at him, she turned her head. Then he murmured, brushing against Damia’s red ears, with a hoarse voice.

“That’s why I’m getting even more turned on.”

Akkard was already feverish. Just as Cecil assumed, Damia was his ideal type. She was an intriguing woman who had a bright appearance with no vulgarity and was a haughty noblewoman but also knew how to provoke a man.

But Damia, who boldly seduced him back at the banquet hall, was a very clumsy kisser. It was cute because it had its own surprising taste.

Akkard assumed that perhaps northern men were terrible kissers. He thought about it. He came from the capital’s liberal, openly promiscuous higher society. In Akkard’s mind, there was no conjecture that that kiss was Damia’s first.

‘But it’s true that it’s too clumsy.’

Akkard paused for a moment, watching Damia. She was sitting on his lap, gasping for breath, revealing her jiggling breasts—it was an enthralling scene he couldn’t look away from. There was no question that every man would be captivated and mesmerised by her messy appearance.

Nevertheless, Akkard was a little different. He had a strong intuition—it wasn’t as strong as his sister, Sienna—but it was an instinctive foreshadowing that had saved him over and over again, and right now, that same feeling gave him a warning as he stared at the woman in front of him.

If you carelessly touched that sweet thing, you might one day regret it terribly.

“….. what’s wrong? Sir Akkad?”

Damia asked carefully, looking at his countenance. She could intuitively see Akkard’s narrowed eyes.

“You are suspicious of me.”

Akkard was famous enough to be gossiped about in the far north. So Damier knew more about him than he imagined.

Indeed, he liked women, but he disliked ‘bothersome’ women. If there was any sign of that, he ruthlessly kicked the woman to the curb without a second glance.

Instead, what he especially liked was playful women. These were ‘convenient’ women who were experienced, dexterous, and sophisticated enough to know how to distinguish between love and pleasure.

So, she had to appear to be one of those women too. If it didn’t happen today, they might never get to do this again. Damia was able to gain the upper hand because she caught Cesare off guard by the sudden situation before, but next time he would not be easy to deal with and given enough time, he would interfere.

‘So you have to do something right now.’

It’s easy to act like a playful seductress, but it’s extremely hard to do if you are attempting to do it for the first time like Damia. So she was worried for a moment.

Since I had boldly seduced Akkard once, I was worried it would not work twice.

It was the moment when she was worrying; she unconsciously changed her posture.

Suddenly, under my buttocks, I felt the touch of something hard that pierced me.

Damia didn’t know what it was, so she moved her hips curiously. Then, the volume of it rubbed against the softness of her ass expanded even further.

Only then did Damia realize.

I was sitting down on a half-erect manhood.


Damia was genuinely startled and, without thinking, lifted her waist slightly, ready to flee. Just then, by chance, the carriage was caught by a stone and shook. Thanks to that, she involuntarily sank into Akkard’s erection.


Her soft, voluptuous ass cheeks squeezed and were firmly pressed against his straight penis. The touch was so magnetic that Akkard groaned low.

His handsome brow frowned, and his face turned a feverish red in a flash.

The moment Damia saw that colorful expression, she immediately realized what she had to do. She began moving her hips with her arms around Akkard’s neck.

Every time her hips swayed left, and right, she slowly rubbed her ass on his penis. Gritting his teeth, finally, Akkard growled a curse:

“Holy fuck…”

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