PCP – 238

“You silly.”

Seeing Akkard’s bewildered figure, she laughed out loud. And she gently grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

“Let’s hurry. We’re going to be late.”

When she said that, Damia’s face was so stunning; it felt like he had been hit in the head, and stars glimmered in his vision.

Her rich red hair was gently pulled up and decorated with pure white flowers, and diamonds sparkled like snowflakes on her pale ears and exposed nape.

Her immaculate face was filled with hopes and anticipation, flushed and plump with pink softness like a peach. Maybe that’s why her blue eyes and red lips sparkled as if she had applied honey.

Have you ever seen anything more exquisitely gorgeous in your life? No, does it make sense for a woman like this to exist in the world in the first place?

Akkard knew the tales of foolish men who were possessed by sirens and ended up devoured. But, watching Damia in front of him, he wanted to offer not only his heart but his liver* too, if she so desired. [*t1v: since people cannot live without their livers, in many languages, including Korean, ‘my liver’ or ‘giving/offering my liver’ is just as romantic as ‘my heart’ or ‘giving/offering my heart.’] 


He and Damia were getting married. The moment he quietly reflected on that fact, instead of feeling reluctant, his heart jumped proudly as if his heart was about to explode.

As she led him to the central stairway, half-witted from elation, he saw the guests waiting for them below her. They noticed them and cheered loudly.

“Finally here!”

“Congratulations on your wedding!!”

“The bride is really beautiful.”

At the pouring praise and plentiful words of congratulations, Damia hung on his shoulder as if embarrassed. As she tried to hide her face, he inhaled a wonderfully lovely scent from her.

The warm body temperature, feminine curves and elegant bodylines. Unconsciously Akkard hugged her as she clung to him and buried his face in her hair.

As he took a deep breath, her scent filled his lungs. He finally felt that he was alive.


He buried his face a little deeper and rubbed his cheek against her neck. Then, as if tickled, Damia’s soft body trembled and giggled.

The sound of her laughter shined like a popping bubble. He liked the sound so much that he didn’t think he would ever get tired of it, even if it repeated for the rest of his life.


A loud, happy man’s laughter flowed in his ears from somewhere. Akkard thought momentarily before realizing the sound was coming out of his mouth.


Yes, I was happy. Today I will marry Damia. At this moment, she’s in my arms, looking up at me and smiling like a blooming flower.

I would have no regrets if I dropped dead right now.

“Come on, hurry.”

Damia escaped his embrace and took hold of him with a shy smile. As he turned the corner, led by her hand, he saw a white bed sprinkled with rose petals.

“Tonight is our first night.”

Damia, who pushed the Akkard over, blushed. And as she unraveled her own hair, it fell over her white dress, redder than the roses.

She took off her earrings one by one and tantalizingly took off the shoes on her feet, one by one. She approached him in a seductive disorganized state. She then gathered her long hair over one of her shoulders as she turned her back and offered her half-opened dress to him.

“Can you unfasten my buttons… …?”

The indentations on her upright and stunning back caught his eye. Akkard began to unbutton her dress that half covered her back with trembling hands.

The pearl buttons, which were less than half the size of his nails, were too small, pretty, and slippery. 

“Hurry! Hurry!”

Damia urged with a laugh in her voice. Akkard, impatient at this, loosened the last button as if almost tearing it apart.

She took off her dress top, which fitted her graceful figure, revealing her naked body as white as the northern snowscape in the afternoon sunlight. Akkard was captivated and mesmerized.

“Don’t stare at me like that.”

Damia turned her body and covered her bare breasts with her arms shyly. The voluptuous plump flesh lightly pressing against her slender arms took his breath away.

“You know what?”

Damia boldly climbed on top of him and gently stroked his bare chest with her fingertips. And she declared, looking straight down at him under her long lashes.

“Now you are mine, Akkard Valerian.”

A delicate, possessive voice dominated his mind. Feeling her body temperature on top of him, Akkard closed his eyes.

He would be happy to have his soul subordinate to Damia like this. He was ready to crawl and lick her feet like a dog.

“Ahhh… … .”

In her underwear, Damia wrapped his waist with her firm thighs, poking around. The stimulation of pressing her butt on his already erect pillar was sweet enough to make him dizzy.

A little faster— please come closer. Akkard groaned from the back of his neck and shook his back without realizing it.

The notch between her buttocks was wet through the thin fabric. It was unknown whether it was soaking because her body fluids had spilled out or the precum he had rubbed against her.

But the slippery taste drove him crazy. Akkard couldn’t stand it any longer, grabbed her ass as hard as he could, and spread them apart.

Just then— he woke up from his dream.

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