PCP – 233

To Heinrich’s question, who found it amusing, Kurd answered bluntly:

“It’s simple. Didn’t he get hit by sleeping gas once before? There is a saying that those who are surprised to see a dragon will be surprised to see a wyvern. So just as a fox jumps out of a burrow with a fire, so will our opponent.”

Although Kurd looked like a gangster, he clarified his logical and philosophical deduction in a scholarly manner. Then Heinrich exclaimed, “Oh,” and asked another question.

“But I mean, the exit of the prayer room was closer. I’m curious as to why you guessed he would go to the farthest place.”

“It’s obvious. It was just a guess.”

Overhearing Kurd’s calm, as a matter-of-fact explanation, Cesare gritted his teeth. He was tied up within an arm’s reach from the two, so he overheard their conversation.

They knew he was listening to their talk, so the conversation was a performance of mockery. Cesare was not unaware of this but was helpless as they teased him as if he was a predictable pawn on a chessboard.

“Hey, Kurd. Don’t do that, tell me,”

Heinrich snorted with disbelief and whined, although he was a grown man. Repulsed, Kurd reluctantly opened his mouth.

“Even though I’ve never met the fellow before I heard he’s pretty sneaky. Therefore, I concluded he’d try to outfox us and deliberately choose the furthest exit. It’s the inept and clever ones that predictively act like that.”

“Can’t you shut your mouth!!”

Unable to take it anymore, Cesare shouted with a bloody glare. But no matter how much a leashed dog barked, no one feared him.

“How dare you! Hold your tongue.”

As if he was dealing with a bug, Kurd stood up, walked over, and kicked Cesare. Although he had a brilliant alchemist brain, he did not have a weak body, for Kurd’s strike was quite powerful.

Squarely struck in his side, Cesare wheezed. Thoroughly amused, Heinrich watched the scene joyfully and had his prisoner dragged away like a dog.

“Let’s talk, we still have things to address, don’t we?”

Damia watched Kurd as he organized his drugs. Since she also had questions, she carefully inquired of Kurd,

“What is this, Kurd? Wasn’t that glass bottle you threw in earlier? Wasn’t it sleeping gas?”

But why wasn’t she sleepy? She was puzzled. Kurd clarified, wiping his blood-soaked hands roughly.

“It was just a smoke bomb. Your vision might get a little blurry, but it doesn’t really have any effect.”

It was then that Damia finally realized why she was fine. But her curiosity was not fully resolved, so she raised another question.

“A smoke bomb? Why not use sleeping gas… … ?”

“Why? Of course— because of you!”

Kurd shouted as if her inquiry was absurd. From his point of view, Damia’s constitution was too vulnerable to sleeping gas. Last time she had stayed asleep for almost three days and he had almost lost his neck.

Confused by his response she searched her memory and vividly remembered that Akkard grabbed him by the collar and shook him in the air. He’d never want to go through such humiliation again.


Belatedly understanding, Damia exclaimed and blushed in embarrassment. Seeing her sheepish attitude, Kurd’s temperament softened and added.

“Well, I didn’t think there was any need to use sleeping gas. Don’t worry about it.”

“Well… … Nevertheless, I survived thanks to your timely arrival. Thank you.”

Damia smiled awkwardly and shyly and humbly expressed her genuine gratitude. In response, he looked away in embarrassment and let out a groan.

“It’s already over. It’s passed and done with.”

“But isn’t that the most important thing? Thanks to Kurd-nim, we caught Cesare and things went well. So, we are sincerely indebted to you.”

At Damia’s genuine regards, Kurd’s hand stopped. He slowly turned his head, and she thought she heard a creaking noise. He looked over Damia again.

“… … ?”

Damia was puzzled by his intense gaze staring at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. But it was indisputable that she had received his help, so instead, she smiled meekly without showing her discomfort.

Then, Kurd’s stare, taking in the sight of Damia, became even more powerful and meaningful. Being a flirt and fellow man, Akkard immediately sensed that his gaze was unusual.


I can’t have any more competitors. 

Sensing a crisis, he unconsciously tried to get up, his thighs tensing up.


The wound that had been treated with a bandage burst, and blood spilled out. Akkard was about to swear at his own stupidity at that very instant.

“Are you all right, Sir Akkard?”

Astonished, Damia’s eyes widened, and touched his thigh carefully.

It was very strange. Only the place that seemed alive was in contact with her hand.

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