PCP – 232

Then Kurd’s gaze watching him as if he was pathetic, clicked his tongue. With a handful of the hemostatic agent in his hand, he spread it on the injury as if he was salting a fish.


Akkard groaned, feeling the bitter pain to the core of his bones. As if Kurd had forgotten to say something, he spitefully exclaimed, ‘Ah!’ and explained,

“It stops the bleeding. Once the blood stops, I can apply the potion.”

“… … You explain in a timely fashion,”

growled Akkard between clenched teeth. Of course, then, Kurd applied even more of the hemostatic agent without batting an eye.

Where bleeding stopped, potions were applied, and Akkard improved dramatically. After Kurd confirmed his recovery, he even treated Damia’s neck with indifferent hands.

Confident she had put out urgent fires, Damia could now afford to survey her surroundings.

‘Is Lessid okay?’

Worried, she looked around and found Lessid was well. Heinrich’s men had already removed the candlestick from his shoulder and provided first aid.

Unlike Akkard, who had a high pain threshold, he had long since passed out. But his face seemed more relaxed as the pain subsided.

She was relieved when she confirmed that everyone around her was safe.


The last person wounded was the fake Saint, Calix, who Heinrich himself was monitoring. Without reluctance, he reached out and touched Calix’s flat chest.

“You really are a man.”

Having said that, Heinrich looked down at Calix with a look expressing how impressed he was by his disguise. Nonchalantly he poured another bottle of potion on him.

“At this rate you’ll be fully healed.”

With this, the crisis that threatened Damia with becoming the Saint’s assassin had safely passed. Trained from birth to be a ruler, Heinrich cleared everything up in the blink of an eye.

Feeling rather emotional, Damia watched the sight of Heinrich’s servants tying up the remaining paladins. When she saw them tying up the passed-out Kael, too, she was taken aback and spoke up.

“Ah, that man… … he’s not an enemy. Even though he’s a paladin, he tried to dissuade Cesare and save us.”

“I see, I’ll take that into account.”

Heinrich nodded. Then he walked over and looked down at Akkard.

“How did you get beaten up by those weaklings, Akkard? It’s disappointing.”

As he said that, Heinrich’s eyes caught the sight of the bandage around Damia’s neck. Being a quick-witted man, he easily grasped the situation with that alone.

‘I guess she was taken hostage.’

Even so, he had a habit of teasing his subordinates. Akkard, who was well aware of Heinrich’s inclinations, frowned instead of answering.

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

Heinrich couldn’t hold back and take it any longer so he burst into laughter at Akkard’s harsh retort. Kurd eyed his superior with pitiful eyes and tried to deter him from the side.

“If his blood pressure rises, his wounds may burst again, your Highness.”

He meant to stop teasing Akkard. Heinrich rubbed his lips and nodded his head in agreement.

Then, the prince found Cesare tied in the corner, and his eyes lit up.

“Oh, Kurd, you caught that guy Cesare earlier.”

“Yes, sire.”

“How did you know he would aim for the furthest exit?”

Originally Heinrich intended to enter the prayer room immediately, but Kurd vetoed the plan. So he waited at the farthest exit where Cesare fled.

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