PCP – 23

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Akkard, with his body in her hands, became even taller and his back straighter. Damia picked him up as if he were a trophy of a glorious victory.

Her manner was quite adorable. And Akkard was more than willing to match the endearing lady’s rhythm.

“I’m glad to appease the lady’s wishes.”

His big hand gently pushed aside her wavy, luxuriant hair so that her neck was exposed, and then he bent down and kissed Damia’s pale neck.

Damia’s heart leaped in surprise, but she couldn’t make a fuss. She tilted her neck a little and accepted his lips. She was taking in the sensation of his lips that pressed down on her vital weak point.


Akkard lips only left her nape when he was satisfied with the red mark he left her.

Then he licked his lips and smiled as if provoking Cesare. Damia was deeply impressed because he taunted as if she was so sweet.

“Now, let’s go.”

Akkard hurriedly wrapped his arms around her waist. Damia happily snuggled against his arm. Disguised as an escort, he stroked her narrow waist with a sensual hand that was hot.

Perhaps that is why my body is shivering little by little with the intuition of an approaching giant.

The moment I was about to leave the banquet hall, I saw Cecil in the distance. Good timing. She was gawking at me with her mouth wide open alongside my maid. As if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

‘I’m sorry, Cecil.’

Damia gave Cecil an apologetic look. Then, before Cecil caught her, she hurriedly walked away.

I heard the sound of the banquet hall closing firmly behind my back, and at the same time, I felt relieved and suddenly felt scared. Now I have to spend the night with this man.

My mind was dizzy with anxiety and worry.

Because of this, her steps were just about to slow down when abruptly, Damia’s body floated upward.


Akkard suddenly lifted her up. Startled by the unexpected sense of weightlessness, Damia reflexively hugged his neck. Then she felt the shaking of Akkard’s silent laughter through her body that clung onto him.

I felt he was teasing me. I was embarrassed by the situation in which I was being held like a child and couldn’t help but pout.

Damia timidly protested,

“P-please let me down!”


Akkard replied shortly. His face smiled, and looked down at Damia. Those deep eyes whispered with laughter and a warning at the same time.

“Now, it will be harder for you to run away.”

Damia, surprised she had been read so thoroughly, momentarily forgot how to speak. Taking advantage of her stunned silence, Akkard strode along with her holding her.

In his experience, it was common for women to hesitate or try and play hard to get when they succeeded in seducing a man after they pursued him.

I carried her to the carriage and sat with her in front of the door and ordered my coachman:

“Go home. As fast as possible.”

It was only then that Damia’s body began to tremble, realizing that she had been firmly captured. A breathtakingly sweet scent arose from her body. Maybe it was the scent of honey wine that had dampened her breasts.

Akkard gladly closed his eyes, intoxicated by the aroma. His arms grasped Damia’s body, lifted her above his knees, and settled her on his lap.

He kissed her slender neck that seemed to offer itself before his eyes.

His lips, which moved slowly between her neck and her collarbone, soon fell on her exposed skin right above her cleavage. Then, he began to lick the thin silk clung tightly over her bewitching breasts.



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