PCP – 228

“Yeah, it’s me.”

Cesare casting a long shadow over his head, grinned. Although a little lean, he looked too fine for imprisonment. 

This was all thanks to Callistea–no, Calix, who poured out his healing powers every night. That was something to be thankful for, but was it because he was a parent and worried about him? Although Calix had been preparing for this showdown, he hadn’t said a word Cesare.

Thanks to that, he’s almost missed out on this fun play. Calix acted quite cautiously, but he couldn’t completely hide it from him, who resided in a hidden room in his bedroom.

“If you had my help, you wouldn’t have ended up that way,”

Cesare muttered, taking in the scene of the fallen Calix with a cold gaze. The wound was so severe that it did not completely heal, but all the visible wounds had healed thanks to the potion.

‘I don’t think you’re going to die right now.’

That was it. Cesare, who had little affection for his parents, soon withdrew his interest. And he brutally kicked the candlestick stuck in Lessid’s shoulder.


Lessid’s eyes turned red from the excruciating pain. Falling to the floor, he tried to get up, but the slightest movement of his shoulder hurt enough to bite his tongue.

“No— stop!”

Seeing this, Damia screamed and grabbed Cesare’s hem. However, Cesare easily locked Damia in his arms as if he had been waiting for this moment alone.

“I missed you a lot. My sister,”

Cesare whispered softly, grabbing her hair and kissing her thin, exposed neck. And he pointed his sword straight at her with affectionate hand gestures.


Akkard, who saw this belatedly, shouted in surprise. He was about to take down the last paladin, but he was hit by a counterattack when his attention went elsewhere.

“Lord— die! This devilish bastard!!”

The paladin, who lost all his companions to Akkard, swung his sword full of resentment. He cut a deep wound into Akkard’s side and staggered.

Instinctually, he was about to strike back when Cesare yelled at him and started to draw blood from a thin cut on her neck.

“Stop, Akkard Valerian!”

The human neck was a vulnerable place where someone could bleed a lot with just a tiny wound.

Red blood started to drip down Damia’s white neck. The moment he saw this, Akkard’s grasp lost all power.


He didn’t intentionally drop his sword to surrender. He hadn’t meant to give in to Cesare’s threats.

But when he saw Damia bleeding, it was as if all the blood and strength had drained from his limbs to the point he couldn’t hold on to anything.

“Right, you don’t want to see a female getting hurt do you? Really, you’re like a dog in heat.”

Cesare chuckled and gestured at the paladin. The paladin kicked Akkard’s abdomen with his knee.


Akkard groaned and sank at the suffocating pain. Then the paladin smashed him on the back and knocked him to the floor.

“Well done,”

Cesare smiled and praised. He enjoy the sight of these men on the floor, injured.

But he knew how to make this scene even more satisfying. Cesare winked, and the paladin, still full of hostility, stabbed Akkard’s right leg with his sword.

“Argh! Lord Akkard!!”

Damia, startled, shouted and reached out. As a result, the blade cut deeper into her throat, gushing blood.

Akkard felt more pain to see Damia injured than to have his right calf pierced by a sword. So, while clenching his teeth with pain, he demanded of Cesare:

“… … Let her go.”

“Why should I?”

Cesare responded playfully as if this was just a light prank. And, contrary to the blade drawing blood, he kissed Damia’s temple with exceeding affection.

“This kid is mine.”

He had been watching her all this time. From when she was so little, Damia couldn’t remember. And he had always wished for her: I hope the day will come when I can reach that noble girl.

However, this prodigal man suddenly appeared pretending to be a prince and tried to snatch his precious princess away. So what could he do? He had no choice but to become the evil witch that kidnapped the princess.

Cesare laughed mischievously, soaked in madness.

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