PCP – 226

“It was clearly my mistake to contact you, Damia Primula,”

Calix murmured in a dismal tone.

He knew better than anyone that it was all for naught in the first place. But, curious about Nora’s news, he couldn’t resist.

“I just… … I just wanted to know how she’s doing. That’s all.”

He had thought she wouldn’t have noticed. Damia, who had a gorgeous appearance with her primary color red hair, made him judge her as an empty-headed beauty.

But it was he who was stupid. Contrary to her looks, Damia was clever and very quick-witted.

This put Calix into a corner, and eventually, he noticed this in the temple. As a result, he had no choice but to make an excruciating choice.

It was for this reason that he sent Kael back this morning. Although Calix didn’t like Kael, who admired him very much, he was at least grateful for his unwavering devotion.

So to the innocent and ignorant Kael, he hoped he would not get caught up in this gutter. That was the only consideration Calix could give.

“Do you know why I told you all this, Damia?”

Calix lowered his head and asked slowly. That was a terrible sign.

Noticing his ominous look, Damia jumped up from her seat unconsciously. Then Calix raised his head and pulled something out of his arms with expressionless eyes.

It was a very thin and sharp dagger. How rich, Calix, who seemed harmless, was doing the same thing as his son.

‘I’m glad I knew this and asked for help in advance.’

Damia, who had a corner of faith to believe in, smiled bitterly. And in order to buy some time, she asked Calix a question:

“What are you doing now? Do you intend to stab me with that blade?”

“By no means,”

Calix, with a bitter smile mirroring hers, denied.

Unfortunately, Damia was mistaken in assuming he was the same as Cesare. He was not wicked enough to stab or injure anyone.

So he was willing to harm himself instead of others.

“I’m sorry, Damia.”

You won’t be able to tell anyone the secrets I’ve confided. You’re going to be the Saint’s assassin soon.

Laughing helplessly, Calix gripped the dagger with his trembling hands. And stabbed himself in the neck with all his might.


Damia screamed involuntarily at the unexpected disaster. Then, as if waiting only for this moment, the prayer room door slammed and banged open!

Several paladins rushed in. They pulled out their swords simultaneously, ignoring Calix, who had fallen to the floor. And as if one of them had rehearsed, he pointed at Damia and shouted,

“How dare you assassinate the Saint!!”

Calix, who had fallen, watched the scene with a blurring vision. Although he would die here, it didn’t matter.

The High Temple would take his body and thoroughly hide that he was a man. And will condemn Damia on the pretext of murdering the Saint and intimidate the Crown Prince behind her.

And while the Crown Prince struggles to explain this, they’ll spread the ‘pollution’ across the country all at once. Because all the experiments have already been completed.

If that happens, his son, Cesare, will become the most important talent in the High Temple. And dear Nora… … .

‘You can spend the rest of your life comfortably as a lady.’

Then, you will no longer have to try to massage your sore shoulders and sew in a dark and narrow room of the temple. Suffering from excruciating body aches every changing season, and there is no need to lie down sick in a tiny room smaller than a closet—

It was fortunate, but the one regret that bothered him was… … .

‘I’m sorry, Callistea.’

I couldn’t save you.

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  1. Despite what Calix went through,I don’t feel bad for him, sorry? Not sorry.
    All his decisions were poor and everyone suffered because of them. His sister, his woman and his kids… poor Saint is being tortured but, he still chose to continue on with the Temple’s plan. Like he could have easily told Heinrich everything and asked for help to rescue his sister and protect his ex lover and son but, he chose the corrupted side and gained nothing…

  2. Stupid Calix, I pity him but that was just a stupid choice. 🙄 He is a COWARD. I wonder what will happen with Cesare’s i dont think the guy even cares the his bio dad die.
    Thanks for the chapter 💜

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