PCP – 223

In fact, Noela never went to her parents’ house after her remarriage. Afterwards, Damia remembered that she had asked Akkard to investigate.

Since stealing information from the High Temple was difficult, she requested an investigation into Noela’s parents and ex-husband.

The results were surprising.

Although the ex-husband’s family did exist, it was practically nothing less than a fallen aristocrat. Therefore, the genealogy of the family was not properly recorded, and, of course, Noela and Cesare did not exist in it.

Noela’s parents went a step further, for her entire family relocated to another country. Because of this, the investigation was a bit cumbersome, but a ‘Noela’ existed in the genealogy she had managed to find.

But the ‘real’ Noela was already married abroad and had three children. Of course, she lived happily with her husband, far from a widow.

‘So the ‘Noela’ in my house is not real.’

Damia took a deep breath. And without taking her eyes off Calix, she brought out her hypotheses one step at a time.

“Perhaps my stepmother was one of the orphans in the temple. And Calix, you must have had a close relationship with my stepmother in some way.”

Noela grew up doing the chores of the temple without help. And a shabby junior priest who received no attention after his sister became the Saint.

Humans ran away from loneliness, so it must have been just a matter of time for the two in similar circumstances to meet and bond.

“Then didn’t you have Cesare even though you were a priest?”

At those words, Calix’s shoulders fell helplessly. He did not deny that Cesare was his bloodline.

The man loved Noela. And since Noela gave birth to a son that resembled him, it was not difficult for Damia to infer their relationship.

Damia glanced at his face that resembled Cesare involuntarily, then twisted the corners of her lips. It was because she spotted a familiar necklace that could be seen through Calix’s collar.

‘Cesare had something like that, too.’

The necklace with a strange black light was probably a gift from the High Temple. Maybe that’s why Cesare was able to send a rescue call.

And Calix willingly risked his life to save his son. Not even paying attention or caring about the suspicion of Kael, his bodyguard.

On top of that, looking at how he still cared about Noela’s well-being… … .

‘You must still love her. Quite a lot, too.’

Damia suddenly felt this situation was like a bad play. The person she called stepmother for years was actually the lover of the Saint, and that Saint wasn’t actually the real Saint, but her twin brother… … .

‘What kind of nonsense is this?’

It was a story that could be criticized for saying it was a nonsensical fairytale. But, how ridiculous was her first love, who didn’t even know this and dedicated his whole life to ‘Saint Callistea’?


Unfortunately, once someone joined the Holy Order of the High Temple’s Paladins, they could not withdraw. So the moment he broke his noble oath to sacrifice his body and mind to the gods for the rest of his life, his honour was over.

So, even if Callistea was a middle-aged man with a child, Kael had to continue living as a paladin. However, this was also a choice he made himself.

After clearing the brief regret from her mind, Damia continued her own conjecture.

“A priest can’t have a wife and children. Moreover, if you are the twin brother of the Saint, your conduct should be even more flawless.”

Calix had nothing to say, even with ten mouths. In fact, the reason his existence was erased from the records over the decades in the High Temple’s Great Shrine was also due to this.

“But since it couldn’t be helped, they must have tried to keep the two of you apart somehow. Maybe it was classic intimidation, or maybe they coaxed you two into believing that the relationship wouldn’t work anyway.”

And the first of the two to succumb was probably Noela. For someone that had given up on their relationship, Calix seemed to be overflowing with regrets and lingering feelings.

“So in the High Temple, after giving my stepmother a fake identity, they brought my father in and set them up to meet. At this point, they got rid of my stepmother and put her in the role of monitoring my father. Isn’t it?”

His father, Owen, provided not only all the daily necessities necessary for the Great Shrine but also all kinds of rare materials needed for ‘pollution.’ So he would have been a pretty useful hand on the side of the High Temple.

Therefore, to keep Owen under the temple’s influence, they also dumped the troublesome Noela on him as a bonus. They took a woman who had a child with another man and dressed her up as a widowed lady.

Noela, who came in after cleaning her identity, never met anyone. Under the pretext of being shy, she confined herself to the house and was very careful about everything she did in front of her stepdaughter, Damia.

At first, she thought she was because she was so timid and weak.

‘But now that I think about it, she was afraid that her identity would be found out.’

It was outright fraud. Damia wondered if Noela had ever loved Owen, her father, in the first place.

She knew Owen did not fall in love with her at first sight. Damia remembered the strong nuances of compassion and pity she felt in her father’s voice when he asked her for permission to remarry.

Conceivably Owen had sympathy for the hopeless widow who had lost her husband and was entrusted to the temple with her son. However, when Noela clung to him and showed signs of trusting him, he could not turn a blind eye to her because of his strong sense of responsibility.

“Ha… … .”

Damia sighed and studied Calix’s pale profile. Although he didn’t have a healthy complexion, he looked young and beautiful, just like someone in their twenties.

Just like his twin sister.

“Oh, and I saw some interesting research on twins,”

she added, recalling the material that Lessid had shown her earlier.

“Sometimes twins have a lot in common. For example, the constitution, taste, and even each other’s pain. If one person gets sick, the other twin feels the pain as well.”

But that wasn’t the only thing the twins shared. Damia noticed the unusual research results on ‘wizard twins’ among them.

“Even if one only of them is a wizard, the other one can draw and use a certain amount of the sibling’s magic. Isn’t that amazing?”

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