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Fortunately, she didn’t seem too offended. Glancing behind her, she confirmed they were entirely out of Kael’s sight.

‘That’s enough for Kael to stop thinking that I like him.’

If she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have confessed. No, she shouldn’t have fallen in love with Kael for ten years in the first place.

Damia sighed in regret. Fortunately, Akkard had given her unexpected help.

She preferred to do things independently, but there were times when she needed help in the fight for pride between a man and a woman. So in that sense, Akkard was an excellent helper.

Damia blushed and opened her mouth quietly.

“… … Thank you. For acting with me.”

No, it is my side that is thankful, Akkard thought.

He was grateful he was able to hold her hand one more time. With that in mind, Akkard involuntarily looked down at his hand, warmed by her body temperature.

This was dangerous. Her remaining lukewarm body temperature was spreading into a familiar heat. Having been so celibate, his desires ran wild with excitement at the slightest touch with Damia.

‘I want to embrace you.’

He knew it well. When Damia’s glowing eyes become red and wet when tears like jewels fall from those deep blue eyes—how sensual and pretty she is.

His eyes burned black with impatient longing. Then, as if his lips were somehow dry, he stuck out his tongue and wet his lips fiercely.

Fortunately, in a timely manner Damia spoke to him and distracted his attention.

“… … You know that, right? I have to go see the Saint now.”

“Of course, please take care of yourself, Damia.”

“I will,”

she whispered and lowered her gaze. Then she turned around and headed to the ‘Coffin of Faith’ where Callistea awaited.

Akkard watched silently until her slender back disappeared. Damia was trying so hard, but he couldn’t stand still and not keep an eye on her.

‘I’ll have to do what I can.’

However, it was an inescapable instinct to keep looking back at the place where she disappeared as he turned around.

‘I wish you would look back at me just once.’

But as usual, she never did. If he continued to persevere, work hard, and reflect on himself, would there be a day when her back would turn, and she would look at him someday?

Waiting without certainty or promise was like slowly killing a frog in a boiling pot. Still, Akkard didn’t want to run out of that cauldron at all, so he became even more miserable.


He didn’t even know who he was begging to anymore. Closing his eyes and whispering briefly, he kissed the palm of his hand softly.

It was still there; he could feel Damia’s warmth.


Damia stepped on the cold marble floor and entered the Coffin of Faith. Even the dimly lit prayer candles were quiet.

It was always crowded with neoclassical aristocrats, but now it was empty. It was because the time to enter the palace had already passed.

So one couldn’t get in and out at this time unless they were a palace guest like Damia.

“… … You have come.”

Another guest staying at the palace, Callistea, rose from a bench in the prayer room. She seemed to have come out alone, as promised.

‘But, Kael was out there, too.’

She didn’t know that Kael had been dismissed from his escort position. But she felt a little sorry for him for not being trusted by Callistea.

‘If my suspicions about the Saint were true… … .’

So, what happens to Kael, who only had Callistea in his eyes and even joined the paladins? Damia thought so and smiled bitterly.

However, she had no intention of giving up on her plans. In order to save her father, who had been used like cattle, Damia was determined to reveal the identity of Callistea at the podium today.


Callistea, who recommended so, was wearing a translucent veil instead of a robe today. That’s why her particularly slender beauty stood out.

Damia sat next to her on the bench as she suggested. Then she bowed her head and gave a light greeting.

“Thank you for meeting me like this.”


Callistea lowered her head, answering in an audible, thin voice. Then there was an awkward silence in the prayer room.

Damia looked at her side profile beyond the translucent veil. She was the one who called to meet her, so she had to show her hand first, whether she liked it or not.

“Today, I got a letter from my father in her hometown. It was about the well-being of the family.”

Damia spoke in a soft voice. As expected, Callistea showed great interest in her ‘her family.’

“Really? What was it about?”

“It’s just that the days are getting colder. In the meantime, fortunately, the family seems to be doing well.”

“… … Is that all?”


Such a brief, bland report. At this, Callistea’s shoulders slumped in disappointment.

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