PCP – 22

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Damia was a little apprehensive at his vague remark.

What if Akkard retreats?

She looked up at Akkard with her eyes clinging to him, willing him to stay.

There was no way Akkard could not know the meaning behind her expression.

If the woman wanted it so badly, there was no reason to allow another man to intervene.

Akkard laughed at Cesare.

“Does one gazed upon ‘family’ with such hot eyes? We’re not beasts.”

Somehow, Akkard, at a glance, had seen through Cesare and into his innermost thoughts.

His arrogant, berating words were unrelenting. They were so sharp, hitting his foe’s Achilles heel swiftly— that even Cesare stiffened at the unexpected attack.

Indeed, Akkard wasn’t just a handsome figurehead with some muscle. He was also a smart, influential warrior who dominated the turbulent waves of power it’s shrewd games in the capital.

There was no hesitation in his quickness when he trampled on weaker men that interfered in his affairs.

Cesare gritted his teeth and glared at his rival. His dark eyes began to turn a chilling blue. The moment she saw it, Damia took courage and dared to intervene.


The atmosphere was becoming too overtly antagonistic.

Akkard decided his actions on his own, but Damia didn’t want to stay still and be a silent bystander in a situation that was hers to begin with.

She was the one who seduced Akkard first, so she felt she should also take responsibility for the situation.

Damia quickly realized what to do. She reached out her little trembling hand, clinging to Akkard’s manly arm.

And he laughed brightly, raising his chin loftily toward Cesare.

“Thank you for worrying about me, brother. But I am already a mature woman. So, instead of my brother, I need a gentleman to escort me, don’t I?”

“That’s right. My lady.”

As soon as she came in and wrapped her arms around his, the startled Akkard soon smiled smoothly.

For him, even this situation was just an exciting and enjoyable game. And Dami’s response just happened to catch the fancy of the capricious Akkard.

‘A decent woman should be treated accordingly.’

Akkard gently wrapped his hand around Damia’s shoulder and pulled her towards him.

He left a provocative farewell to Cesare.

“Then, the adults are going to have to leave for private time. It was a pleasure to meet you, heir of Count of Primula. I wish your ‘family’ well.”

Cesare lost his composure after Akkard’s sarcastic remarks and the sight of him hugging Damia. He glared at Akkard’s back as they turned and walked away from him.

I felt my hair stand on end at that spiteful look.

But Damia wasn’t afraid.

Even though I was doing such an audacious thing for the first time in my life– I felt surprisingly good.

I was smashing Cesare’s plans that I was so sick of. I felt like I had ripped off the sticky webs of Cesare that had been holding me in prison, slowly strangling me. I felt refreshed.


I heard Cesare’s voice calling me from behind.

Damia stopped walking inadvertently and soon regretted it.

Why didn’t I just pretend I didn’t hear him and left? Ugh, it is my mistake.

Not surprisingly, a chillingly soft voice flowed from Cesare’s mouth.

“If Count Primula knew about this, he would be sad. You’re a smart kid, so I’m sure you won’t worry him.”

Count Primula, father of Damia. After he lost his wife, he remarried Damia’s current stepmother. For Damia, her only actual family was only one person, her father.

Cesare cleverly loomed a subtle threat over her.

When she heard this, Dami laughed.

Akkard was too formable, smart, and aggressive—plus, he was a big shot Cesare did not dare touch.

After realizing this, Cesare evidently tried to play tricks on Damia instead. It was really his way.

“…… Did you say I’m a smart kid? Cesare, brother.”

Damia looked back and smiled softly. Cesare frowned at her unexpected response when she didn’t yield to him as usual– he sensed something was deeply amiss.

“I’ve told you so many times. I’m not a child.”

Damia, who had stopped talking, squeezed against Akkard’s arm as if to show off. Because of this, her plump breasts covered with sticky liquor rubbed against his forearm. Simultaneously, a subtle excitement was generated from his substantial and stable arm and a previously unknown courage bubbled forth.

“……I am a mature woman, so I don’t need my father’s permission.”

Fortunately, her father was on a business trip, and by the time he got back, her tryst would have already been done.

Choosing to leave with Akkard was somewhat impulsive, but Dami had a reasonable rationale and a clear motivation that would help her see through this reckless decision unscathed.

Although Cesare was a formidable opponent, Damia was finally the winner at this moment, and she relished the feeling of victory behind her next words:

“Then see you at home later, ‘brother.'”

Damia laughed brightly and then pulled Akkard’s arm proudly next to her.

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