PCP – 219

Only then Kael, who was then released, turned around. And the moment he saw Akkard in front of him, he raised his eyes unconsciously.

‘How can a person’s face… … .’

It was such a gorgeous face that instantly, everything in front of him blurred, and only his face became clear. Amid the sunset’s moody darkness, Akkard’s darkened facial features were more distinct and delicate.

Maybe that’s why as if it was a mirage created by the moonlight, his surreal fierce beauty had no sense of reality. On top of everything else, he was at least one span taller than his tall self.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Kael had seen Akkard. The place where he first appeared in the North was at a party to celebrate his becoming a paladin

However, Kael had to leave early the next day for the High Temple. Therefore, he only saw the rumored Akkard Valerian from afar but never had a conversation.

Even then, he thought he was a great man, but seeing Akkard again in the capital’s royal palace, he was very intimidating and even daunting indeed. As a result, Kael, who was in front of him, unknowingly shrank.

But Akkard didn’t even spare him a glance and was instead looking at Damia.

“Are you all right, Damia?”

As he lowered his thick silver eyelashes in concern, the man asked in a sweet voice.

“Can I help you?”

Then, looking conflicted, Damia glanced at Kael. The moment they met eyes, Kael realized she was now contemplating which of the two to side with.

Damia, who had already made up her mind, smiled brightly.

“Thank you for your help, Sir Akkard.”

She felt the need to break Kael’s delusions and misunderstandings on this occasion. The illusion that she would cherish him forever and tolerate everything he does.

“Thanks to you, I got out of a difficult situation.”

Damia held out her hand as if asking him to escort her. Akkard’s eyes widened in surprise, then gently took her hand.

“Don’t mention it.”

He wasn’t the best flirt in the capital for nothing, so he was very quick-witted. Naturally, therefore, in an instant, he realized why Damia, who had been acting like a cold winter, was warm like spring.

“Please call me whenever you need help.”

With his best charm, he handsomely smiled and kissed the back of Damia’s hand. He seemed to be more than happy to be able to devote himself to her.

Upon taking in this scene, Kael’s gray eyes quaked.

‘What’s the relationship between you two?’

He had been in the High Temple all this time, and the news was a bit slow. So, the most intense memory in Kael’s mind was Damia’s shy and frightened countenance as she confessed to him.

Unfortunately, he was already determined to dedicate his life to Callistea-nim. So he could not accept Damia’s confession.

Not only that, but it was also difficult for him if Damia continued to like him. So, when she encountered her at the palace, he was cruel.

But because of today, it seemed that there was no need for that. She seemed to have found another man besides himself as he had advised.

So he should have been relieved by the situation before him, but he felt very strange. Damia, who would have cared about his feelings before, smiled at Akkard without regard or care for him.

“Did you come because you were worried about me?”

“Of course, I would have been greatly troubled if someone snatched my treasure,”

he whispered sensually without blinking an eye. And rubbing his lips against the back of her hand, he looked up at her, resembling a big beast acting cute.

As Damia met those beautiful purple eyes, she teased,

“Indeed, the lord’s lips utters sweet words.”

“Well, the taste may be sweeter.”

Damia laughed out loud at his sly reply. That cheerful and lively sound of laughter was a privilege that was originally only given to Kael.

It was when he clenched her fists involuntarily, Akkard, who had monopolized her smile, glanced back at him.

What appeared on that handsome face was a clear sense of superiority.

“Can you take me to the meeting point?”

Just in time, Damia put a hand on Akkard’s arm and whispered. Then he nodded, of course, and smiled, revealing his even teeth.

“Who would dare reject you? After all, I’m not a fool.”

Kael, who suddenly became a fool, clenched his teeth. However, all he could do was watch the affectionate backs of the two as they left him.

Damia turned the corner and stopped. Then Akkard looked at her and asked carefully,

“… … Is this enough?”


As Kael disappeared from view, she lost the coquettishness and laughter in her voice. Sensing this, he let go of her hand helplessly.

He burned with the desire to hold onto her for a few more seconds. However, if he acted so eccentrically, he seemed more likely to suffer.

He now knew the pain and misery of being rejected. That learning taught him, who had always known how to be greedy, the humility to withdraw.

Still, this was better. Rather than being despised by Damia anymore.

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