PCP – 218

Kael was not sane. He was abandoned by Callistea, whom he had trusted and followed, and even his childhood friend was lying to him.

He lost his reason and was about to lose his temper. He was furious but also crying in frustration.

It was the first time Kael, who was gentle, had acted so violently. Startled, Damia shouted while struggling to get out of his grasp:

“Let go of me! If you have any questions, you can ask the Saint yourself!!”

“Just say it, Damia!! If you tell me, everything will be resolved, so why won’t you tell me?!”


It was an exceedingly outrageous outburst and absurd coercion. She couldn’t help but get emotional and cry.

‘How easy do I look?’

Of course, she broke their long friendship by confessing first. But even so, even as strangers, Kael had no right to treat her like this.

Kael, whom she always regarded as a good friend, was unexpectedly selfish and inconsiderate when it came to the woman he liked. Realizing this belatedly, she slapped him across the cheek without hesitation.


“I told you to let go of me. Kael.”

Damia repeated herself clearly and glared into his eyes that hardened in surprise. Then, automatically, his hands gripping her lost their strength as she stared at him in disdain.

When he was slapped, the shock brought back his rationale. Only then did Kael finally discern it: Damia’s cold countenance glaring at him; there was no weakness of a ‘woman in unrequited love.’

“I didn’t know you were such a terrible human being, Kael Roysten,”

she shot at him in contempt. And she raised her chin even more proudly, as she usually did when hurt.

“If you have a problem, solve it yourself. Don’t take your anger out on me who is innocent for no reason.”

The moment he saw her blatantly disappointed eyes, Kael’s heart sank. She had looked cold on the outside, but she had always been kind to him.

So maybe he was just being too childish. It was the first time in his life that he had felt ashamed and embarrassed by her cold gaze.

“Even if we encounter each other in the future, let’s pretend we don’t know each other. It would be best that way.”

It was, in fact, a declaration of severance. Of course, the relationship had been cut off from the moment Damia confessed anyway, but she didn’t know that she would end up cutting it off so openly.

“Wait, Dami… … !!”

Belatedly blinking and awakened, Kael hurriedly tried to catch her. She frowned, her eyes narrowing as she saw his hand reaching out to her.

Just when she raised her hand and was about to slap his hand away, suddenly, Kael’s body tilted and fell back sharply.


Someone grabbed him by the back of his neck and dragged him away. He was held so tightly that Kael couldn’t see his opponent’s face.

However, given the height that could hold and hang him by his neck and the formidable strength, he was certain that it was a large man.

“Who is it?! Let go right now!!”

Kael shouted angrily at the rude and unpleasant touch. Then, however, the identity of the uninvited guest unexpectedly leaked out through Damia’s mouth.

“Sir Akkard!”

Akkard? If it was Akkard— the knight commander of the royal order and the Duke of Valerian? The capital’s busiest playboy?

At the unexpected name, Kael froze. Then a languid voice spit out from behind him:

“Every time I see you, there are always flies hovering around you.”

And he was probably a giant fly. The man, who knew his own plight better than anyone else, released his grip with a bitter smile.

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