PCP – 215

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Sienna was not alone as the wind swept her long silver hair. Standing beside her was a woman with a poised air covered in a long robe; her face was invisible.


A woman in a robe looked at Akkard and sighed in small admiration. It felt quite old, but it was still a beautiful voice.

“You said you’d run into someone unexpected if we went out today… … . Sienna, is this what you meant?”

Sienna let out a sigh at her question. And she bowed her head politely in front of the woman, asking for her understanding.

“Excuse me for a moment. Even if he’s a fool, blood is blood.”

“Yes, don’t mind me. I will go inside first.”

Queen Marguerite reached out with a small smile and tenderly caressed Sienna’s cheek. Then, she left so the two siblings could converse comfortably.

As soon as she disappeared, Sienna’s expression changed completely.

“I told you so.”

She looked up at her older brother, who was not concealing his overtly pathetic look.

“‘If you don’t clean up your trashy lifestyle right now, you will regret it forever.'”

Of course, Akkard had nothing to say, even if he had ten mouths. At this moment, he regretted his past more desperately than anyone else.

Sienna shook her head as she looked at her brother’s increasingly darkening face. Then she turned to follow Queen Marguerite.


“… … tell me.”


Sienna responded coolly without looking back. Even though he could have blown up from her cutting tone, Akkard didn’t back down and instead implored:

“Because you can see the future, so I’m sure you know! So please… … tell me. Is there even a single chance that she will love me?”


It was a voice charred from burning love. Still, they shared flesh and blood, and his painful voice, as if dying in spirit, made Sienna hesitate to walk away.

However… … .

“Just because I’m a prophet doesn’t mean I can see the whole future.”

“But, Sienna. If it’s my big sister, it’s possible. Huh?”

He must have been very desperate, even begging with the awkward title ‘big sister’ that Akkard hadn’t used in many years. However, Sienna’s mouth, which even the king of a country could not forcefully open, was still heavy.

“I’ve already given you all the help you need, Akkard Valerian.”

“What are you talking about?”

Help? I never received anything like that. 

Akkard furrowed his eyebrows at her incomprehensible reply.

But Sienna, like many fortune tellers, gave him no kind explanation.

“Even if it is a small possibility, I hope that the gap I have left will someday shine.”

As always, Sienna left as soon as she said her fill. She wasn’t an omnipotent prophet, and there were limits on what she could do.

In the first place, all of this was the germination of the seeds Akkard had sown in the past. So, it was fitting that he had to clean up the mess he had caused.

With that in mind, Sienna walked into the restaurant without hesitation. There waiting for her was the person she admired most, the one most dear to her. [t1v: omggg i ship GL vibes~]

“… … I fucked up. Damn it.”

Akkard, who had been left alone without any developments, groaned. Others envied him for having the outstanding prophet in the kingdom as his sister, but in reality, it was like this.

Every time she made incomprehensible remarks and elusive hints that were like trying to catch floating clouds. Without any explanation. Occasionally she made amazing prophecies, but Akkard saw how it bewildered those with weakened hearts.

‘I’m an idiot who asked you, even though I already knew it.’

Akkard, who had no idea of Sienna’s doings, suppressed his annoyance. Then he let out a long sigh, trying to relieve his tense muscles, and tilted his head back.

The sky reflected in his darkening eyes was utterly cloudy, without a single star peeking through. It was as if he had pulled out his feelings, and the firmament echoed in reflection.

* * *

Callistea tightened her grip on her robe and checked her surroundings over and over again. Of course, she knew no one was there, but being cautious and wary had long since become a pathological obsession.

Finally convinced of her safety, Callistea carefully pushed the bedroom wall.


Surprisingly, the wall turned with a heavy sound, revealing a hidden enclosure. It was a tiny dark room.

Callistea walked in, where there was only a bed, a fireplace, and a small window. Hesitatingly, she approached the side of the bed and rolled up her veil slightly.

She wanted to check the condition of the person lying there.


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