PCP – 212

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“It’s late, so let’s eat first. What do you want to eat?”

Damia asked. When she asked him for his opinion, he realized that Damia was strangely sweet to him today.

Maybe she was sorry for being late, or maybe there was some other reason. But years of experience with women made him notice.

Thanks to this, Akkard didn’t ask stupid questions like, ‘Why are you so kind today?’ Instead, he proposed in a much more caring voice than usual.

“There is a restaurant around here that has delicious steak. What do you think?”

Damia agreed.


It was a peaceful evening like never before.

Eating with each other, sharing critiques about the menu, and exchanging daily stories. The things that are common in relationships Damia and Akkard had never done before.

In the first place, no one expected this relationship to last this long.

“The steak was mouthwatering,”

Damia, who was full of satisfaction, said with a pleased expression. When Akkard saw that face, he was drenched in fulfillment, as if he would have been full even if he didn’t eat.

“It’s my favorite place. I’m glad you liked it.”

Damia was a little bewildered. Because, Akkard gazing at her with a soft smile, looked so happy.

Damia, not wanting her heart to weaken, immediately looked away coldly. She then followed up on her request that she had written about in advance by letter.

“… … What I asked you to do— did you happen to find out…?”

Then Akkard nodded and quickly handed her a bunch of papers. If he hadn’t met her, he would have sent it to her by mail, but he felt fortunate to be able to give it to her directly.

After Damia received it, she said,

“Thanks. It was something that was difficult to get in the North.”

What she asked Akkard for was an investigation into the past of her stepmother Noella.

Noella’s deceased ex-husband was not a northerner, so there were limits to her investigating her stepmother herself. Akkard asked,

“But where are you planning to use this material?”

Damia thought for a moment. And she spoke frankly.

“I think my stepmother had something to do with the Saint.”

As soon as she said she would meet alone with Callistea, Akkard’s eyes grew serious. He spoke cautiously, trying not to seem like he dared to lecture Damia.

“You don’t know what the Saint is planning, Damia,”

Akkard added, contemplating as she rubbed his manly jawline.

“Although she is seemingly docile and harmless on the outside, it’s those types that actually spawn the most dangerous snake inside.”

Damia agreed with his remark. Having already experienced Cesare, she was determined to be vigilant.

“But you will help me, right?”

Trying to ventilate the heavy atmosphere, Damia threw in a comment. Akkard’s purple eyes widened, then he smiled with deepening eyes.

“Of course.”

He reached out and gingerly touched the back of her hand very gently, as if precious.

“I promised you that I would protect you and keep you safe.”

His gaze became determined as he recalled his oath to Damia, who was trembling with anxiety one day. The moment Akkard saw Damia lying still in the warehouse, he remembered how his heart fell.

Therefore, she did not know how grateful he was to have Damia consult with him in advance. It’s like… … .

‘—It’s like she trusts me.’

There was a sensation of a bird flapping its wings inside his chest. Damia lowered her gaze and smiled slightly at his words that he would protect her.

“Thank you for saying that.”

The smile that bloomed lightly on her face, appeared in his heart in full bloom and out of control. For the first time since their relationship went awry there was a calm atmosphere between them.

Akkard’s heart tickled, staring at her face softly. His desire to ask a question simmered as he watched her face that donned a brighter complexion than usual.

‘Do you believe me now? That I… … The fact that I love you.’

He would be content being the lowest slave if he could stay by her side. Every day he would take off her muddy boots and kiss her feet with infinite gratitude.

As is often the case with men in love, Akkard’s heart was already running far ahead. He was falling head over heels at the speed he was going.

“… … Damia.”

Akkard gathered all his mortal strength to his last courage and took her hand. At one time, he had pushed against it and brashly coveted her, and now just holding her fingertips made him nervous, and his stomach churned.

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  1. Ohhhh this was one short chapter. I hope Akkard doesn’t ruin this moment of peace between them. Dami is still not thinking about being with him and he is running at 120km/hour.

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