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It was a terrible thing to make people wait deliberately. But Akkard’s case was an exception. She didn’t mind because he had done so many wrongs against her.

Even last time, didn’t he follow her and overhear her conversation with Kael? He brought up her old past and seemingly scolded her.

‘Tell me. Do you still love him?’

… … Seriously, his rudeness has gone too far.

But why am I not as angry as before? Maybe because I’m used to Akkard’s selfish ways, stirring people as he pleases?

Or maybe it was because of his tears he tried to hide from me last time.

“Ha… … .”

Damia sighed.

Those hot, damp drops that fell on her eyelids. The touch of that day could not be erased as if the lukewarm moisture had been engraved on her skin.

Because of this, she kept rubbing her innocent eyelids, and how many eyelashes did she lose? So Akkard had to take responsibility for the sensations he left her with on that day.

“I promise you, you are special to him.”

Sienna’s voice still seemed to echo in her ears. She wasn’t sure if it was simply a dream she had last night or if it was actually Sienna showing her the past, but Damia had the need to know.

Was the love he confessed to me really sincere?

Had he not been a playboy in the first place, she wouldn’t have had to try it this way. But Akkard Valerian was a notorious reveler with an infamous reputation spread throughout the kingdom.

There was no trust in the confession he swore to in his name. Therefore, unless it was in this way, Damia could not believe his words at all.

But while looking down at that face… … she understood the women who knew it but had no choice but to go ahead.

‘He’s the kind of man who you want to gamble on at least once.’

In fact, the profile of his face was ten times more beautiful than the bouquet he was holding.

Damia rested her head on her hand, observing him through the window. Although Akkard had better eyesight than her, he could never spot her from here.

Akkard, standing alone under the clock tower in the square, was expressionless as usual. His face, which looked a little bored, was arrogant and seemed a little angry.

It was understandable. It’s already thirty minutes past the appointment time.

‘How long will you wait?’

Damia was curious. When she sent her letter, she deliberately left Akkard room to leave.

― I have some business to do before that so that I may be late. If I’m too late, you can go back anytime. Don’t just wait for nothing.

With the indulgence that told him not to wait, Akkard could leave this place at any time. So, given his egocentric and impatient nature, he wouldn’t be waiting for long.

But Damia was wrong.

He stood there for an hour, then another hour, and then for the third hour. It was as if he were a statue in the square, with an unwavering posture.

The flowers he was holding gradually lost their vitality and drooped, the only indication of ​​the passage of time.

‘At least we’ll sit and wait.’

Well, Damia was also waiting. She hadn’t taken her eyes off Akkard’s face for a single moment for three hours.

In order not to miss any of his sincere expressions, which might flicker by in an instant.

But Akkard’s countenance was always indifferent. No emotion could be read from that face.

Because of this, Damia began to feel skeptical about her method and thought she had chosen wrong.

But then—


Suddenly, Akkard’s purple eyes grew wide, and his eyebrows rose. Then, raising his head, he was looking somewhere with a very focused expression.

Strong interest, anticipation, anxiety, and a bit of excitement. A number of complex emotions caused ripples in his calm, lake-like face.

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