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It was the warning Sienna had given earlier. The moment she understood the meaning, she felt as if she had been drenched in cold water, and at the same time, her eyes lit up.

“… … !!”

Damia jolted up from the bed and gasped, panting and struggling for a breath. Finally, she woke up from her dream but was still confused.

‘Wasn’t that warning from the other day meant to watch out for Cesare?’

In fact, it was Cesare who threatened Damia the most. Even after hearing Sienna’s warning, she had a dangerous encounter with Cesare in the warehouse.

Because of this, she was convinced that Sienna’s warning was about him. But before parting, she saw Sienna’s subtle nuance… … Somehow, she felt like she misinterpreted it.

‘It was as if she was talking about something that hadn’t come to pass yet.’

Thinking like that, Damia got up. Her mind was troubled; she had slept enough and had much work to accomplish today.

After light grooming, Damia had breakfast. And she looked through the letters the waiter had brought to me.

The first thing that caught my eye was a letter from her father back home.


Owen was relieved that his daughter was doing well in the capital and was touched by her kindness in inquiring about details about her family’s well-being. Maybe that’s why he wrote about their current situation precisely.

— … … Noella and I are doing well. As you know, in the North, it gets cold right after the end of summer, and as usual, during the change in seasons, Noella is struggling a bit. Unfortunately, her rhinitis got worse with her cold.

Young Leon was always with his mother, so he sniffs. I am worried that he has a cold. But the doctor is caring for him, so he’ll be fine soon.

After reading this, Damia let out a small sigh. But, of course, she had asked about the situation at home not purely out of concern.

Having confirmed everything she needed, she folded the letter. And while scanning the rest of her letters, her eyes grew wide.

“This… … .”

It was a letter from Kael. Although the sender was in his name, the content was actually a ghostwriting of the Saint’s intentions.

‘The Saint is going to meet me?’

Her blue eyes fluttered quietly. If, as she suspected, Callistea was hiding Cesare now, it would have been expected to avoid meeting her.

‘Because you might get caught for no reason.’

But Callistea chose to meet her at her own risk. This proved that her interest was not only in Cesare but also Noella.

Damia hurriedly picked up her pen and wrote her reply before Callistea could change her mind. She paused as she started to get ready to go out.

‘Obviously Sienna-nim told you to be careful of ‘him.”

The person she was planning on meeting one-on-one was the Saint. Sienna’s advice was so bothersome.

After thinking for a moment, Damia sat down. She and she wrote another letter to someone.

Just in case.

* * *

Regarding appointment times, there are many types of people in the world.

The type who arrives a few minutes earlier than the set time and waits, the type who is amazingly on time, the type who is always far behind the time, etc.

Among them, Damia was closer to being on time. Of course, there was a reason she was of a sincere disposition, but most northerners were like that.

Needless to say, the North was a freezing place. In particular, in the middle of winter, the weather was so severe that it was possible to get frostbite even when waiting in a carriage.

Making someone wait in such a place was like indirect murder.

But now, Damia was making someone wait for the first time in her life. It was also intentional.


A clear sound echoed from the exquisite teacup placed on the coaster. Damia was sitting by the window on the second floor of the tea house that Lessid had brought her to the other day.

The afternoon sun coming in through the window was mild and made her feel languid. She lowered her gaze, watching a man holding a flower and waiting for someone.

It was very easy to spot and scrutinize him. His head was taller than the men passing by, and his muscular physique stood out.

But it wasn’t just that. His face, with his silver hair glistening in the sunlight, was terribly captivating.

The eyelashes that fell on the slightly tanned smooth skin, his sharp nose, and his sensual lips drew attention like a living sculptural masterpiece.

He was standing there and waiting at the time that Damia told him. Waiting only for her to come.

But Damia, who arrived at least an hour earlier, had no intention of leaving the tea house. Instead, she was going to hide and watch him from the second floor.

‘Damia, dear.’

Her father, Owen, advised:

‘Because you are a smart kid, you tend to see through the essence of people. But sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s inside.’

It was her father’s special method, which he taught her to use in such a case.

Her father, a businessman, often deliberately made his partner wait on purpose to see if the client was reliable. Then, through a secret hole drilled in the parlor, he used to closely observe the person left alone.

Watching their series of facial expressions and actions while waiting while thinking they are left alone.

‘You said that the feelings shown here are more certain than any other words.’

So Damia decided to keep her Akkard Valerian waiting. Fortunately, this wasn’t the North, so she didn’t have to worry about him freezing to death.

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