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Sienna noticed this and smiled slightly in the midst of her gloom.

“Just because I show you this, there is no way you will suddenly fall in love with Akkard. You won’t even accept him.”

Damia stayed quiet because it was true. Every piece of trash had a story, and if she went through them one by one, there would be no end to the excuses and abuses if she indulged them.

In fact, what person grew up without a tragic backstory? However, most of them used their pain as food to grow beautiful flowers instead of becoming trash by being caught up in the past.

That was the “normal” Damia knew.

“But because of the past I have shown you, you will at least have some sympathy for him. Don’t you think so?”

The moment she heard those words, Damia felt like she had been tricked. Sienna laughed out loud as she frowned. And she added a remark,

“So, even if you don’t accept him, you’ll be patient with the kid wandering around you.”

That was enough. Compared to Sienna’s great past, it was an extraordinarily insignificant wish.

This made Damia even more embarrassed and burdened. She was grateful that Sienna considered her significant, but unfortunately, she seemed to be steering in the wrong direction.

“I think you are misunderstanding something.”

“Me? What?”

Sienna asked curiously. Damia confessed with a sigh towards that wide-eyed face.

“I am not that special to Sir Akkard.”

“Do you really think so?”


Damia immediately confirmed. After watching Akkard, she came up with evidence to support her claim.

“You know how many women Sir Akkard has. I am just one of them.”

At Damia’s persuasive tone, Sienna couldn’t take it any longer and burst out laughing.

“Oh my Goddess—Damia Primula! You really seem to have forgotten who I am,”

said the most mysterious prophet in the kingdom.

At that moment, Damia bit her lip. Until now, she had treated Sienna not as a prophet but as ‘Akkard’s older sister.’

Of course, Sienna was not particularly offended by this. Rather, it was quite refreshing because it had been a long time since she was treated as a ‘Sienna Valerian’ rather than a ‘Prophet’.

“I swear, you are special to him,”

Sienna stopped her laughter and said as if hammering in the final nail in one blow.

“But this is not what I say as a prophet, but as the sister of Akkard Valerian.”

Saying this was Sienna’s little consideration.

Of course, being his blood, she wanted to help Akkard’s love story. But she said that because she didn’t want to burden Damia any more than this.

‘You’re special.’

Damia looked back at his words. Akkard didn’t seem to disrespect her as much as she had thought.

Of course, she wasn’t particularly impressed. Akkard Valerian was the prettiest garbage in the world, and like most toxic trash, he did not know how to value precious beings.

In fact, there were many cases like that. Like a husband who is so obsessed with his wife that he doubts her loyalty and beats her every day. A lover who threatens suicide right in front of you, saying that they would rather die than lose you.

For those scumbags, obviously, the other party must be ‘special.’ But it’s just that you’d be much happier if you weren’t special to them.

“Oh, my, you don’t seem to have much confidence in him.”

Sienna, noticing Damia’s negative signs, grinned bitterly. She looked, and she waved her hand gently. Her pale fingertips were slowly scattering like the light of a firefly.

“I’d love to talk more, but unfortunately it’s time to part.”


Damia was relieved to know that this bizarre dream was ending. So she casually waved goodbye to Sienna.

“Take care of yourself, Damia. Don’t forget what I said—”

That was then. Just before she disappeared, Sienna’s lips moved for the last time.

“Always watch out for ‘him’.”

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