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Callistea looked down at Kael, who knelt on one knee in front of her. He looked up at her with an eager face, the most loyal paladin.

However, Callistea’s expression looking down at Kael, seemed awkward and uncomfortable.

“Are— where… … Are there any injuries?”

Callistea asked in a small, slender voice. Then Kael responded more affectionately than necessary,

“I am fine, Callistea. There were no major wounds anyway, and you healed all minor injuries.”

After finishing his words, Kael smiled. Since the day they first met, he felt miserable about the sense of distance between himself and the Saint that hardly ever narrowed.

He knew that his heart could never be fully answered regardless, so he wanted to become her most loyal servant at least.

However, upon seeing his sweet smile, Callistea quietly lowered her gaze. And she questioned the other man’s condition.

“… … How is he doing?”

“He’s all better and stable now after receiving blessing from the Saint herself.”

Callistea sighed in relief at his answer. Kael stared at her slightly trembling hands.

Skinny but rather large, knotted fingers. It wasn’t a hand that could be considered pretty to most men. However, Kael admired her hands, representing the essence of a true Saint who served in the lowest places.

In fact, he could tell just by looking at her divine powers. Therefore, Callistea must be a truly divine saint who was sent by God.

‘Otherwise how could you bring back the dying Cesare back to life so perfectly?’

It had been such an incredible sight that he almost didn’t believe what he had witnessed with his own two eyes. And that hadn’t been the only display of power.

Before Kael infiltrated to rescue Cesare, she offered a “special” prayer. After a swarm of lights flashed, a mysterious power filled and energized Kael’s body.

“It’s nothing special, it’s an ancient blessing. I hope it can be of help.”

No, it was never ‘nothing.’ Kael looked down in amazement at his limbs, where her strength and speed had increased incredibly.

It was thanks to that he was able to successfully carry out a surprise attack against the royal knights. You could never bestow such a wonderful blessing unless God loved you.

So it was his duty to protect Callistea. He was willing to be her limb and tool and do whatever she wanted.

“Don’t worry too much, Callistea-nim. No one will know that we are hiding Cesare,”

Kael said with confidence, trying to reassure her. It was a rainy night, so no one had seen his face.

‘Even the weather helped, as expected for a saint.’

Once he hid Cesare, it was as if he had completed the perfect crime. Although this place was the royal palace, who would dare to search the residence of the Saint?

In particular, now that the High Temple had unprecedented power, it was impossible to question the Saint without proper evidence. At Kael’s declaration, Callistea finally donned a subtle smile.

“Well done, Sir Kael. Please take good care of him.”

“… … Of course, Callistea-nim!”

At her smile, which seemed to symbolize a slightly open the door to her heart, Kael’s heart swelled up like cotton candy. But the danger and risk he had put himself through to rescue Cesare were enormous.

Maybe that’s why? Confident, Kael asked questions he wouldn’t have dared to normally.

“I’m sorry if it’s a personal question, but Callistea… … May I ask what your relationship with Cesare is?”

Kael cared deeply about her and Cesare.

For Kael, a native of the North, Cesare was like his older brother. Then, of course, there was the eldest son of the Roysten family, but the age difference between him and Kael was too significant, and the relationship between them was awkward.

Perhaps that was why he quickly got attached to Cesare, who had not even been in the Primula family for a few years.

‘Go follow your heart, Kael. Everyone lives for their own desires.’

If Cesare hadn’t pushed him to follow his dream, he wouldn’t have become a paladin. He would never have been able to be decisive and would have secretly held the Saint in his heart forever.

So Kael willingly took the risk and saved Cesare. But how did she know of Cesare, and why did she order him to rescue him?

‘There’s a relationship between them that I don’t know about.’

In fact, when he came back with the severely injured Cesare, the Saint was so shocked that her face was as white as a blank sheet of paper. It was a rare unadulterated sight of emotion on Callistea’s face, who rarely showed her feelings.

‘And then pouring out all of her powers until she collapsed from exhaustion.’

Her reaction to Cesare was too much for simply an important minion in the High Temple. Compared to how Callistea treated him, keeping him at arms-length, Kael felt a bit forlorn and upset.

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  1. The writer just loves insinuating one thing then completely ignoring what they wrote lol it’s a little too blatant to be considered accidental misdirection, but I’m still here, waiting on chapters, so I probably shouldn’t be complaining lol Just something annoying in an otherwise cute novel.

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  3. I know is important the background info of certain characters but this chapter for me was dry in a sense. I dont like Cesare feels like that kdrama Abyss the villain kept coming back 🤣. Either way thanks for the Chapter waiting for Akkards redemption to finally come to fruit

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