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“It is said that ‘Calix’ looks very similar to his sister. Because of this, there was a story that it was difficult to distinguish between the two siblings until they hit puberty and their secondary sexual characteristics became prominent.”

“I see, so what about after their secondary sexual characteristics?”

“After adolescence, their appearances were more varied. The brother was taller and more masculine in appearance.”

“… … I see.”

Damia recalled the appearance of the Saint whom she had seen. She looked like a typical Northerner with black hair and blue eyes.

She had the common coloring of the region, but her appearance was somehow cool. And Damia recalled another man that looked similar.


Maybe he is ‘Calix’? She wondered but then shook her head. He wasn’t old enough for that.

If he was Calix, he should have already been close to fifty and middle-aged.

‘The saint slows down her aging because of her full divine power, but… … that wouldn’t apply to anyone else.’

And she remembered clearly when she first saw Cesare when her father remarried a few years ago.

‘Hello, you must be Damia.’

Cesare, who greeted me like that, was a young man who had just turned 20. Damia had been watching the process of his maturing face from when he was still a youth.

‘So Cesare is not Calix.’

But what did she save Cesare for? Even at the risk of sending her own escort knight?

She could never figure out the connection between the two.

‘Lessid had been trained as a priest since childhood, but he said he had never even seen the saint up close before.’

That is why it was difficult to approach a saint. Even though she was a noblewoman, she had no place to rely on, so the Saint was far less accessible to Cesare or Noella. In fact, they had previously had to lean on her.

It was a situation in which she seemed to have caught a clue but couldn’t pinpoint it.

Seeing Damia’s face in deep thought, Lessid smiled a little. Then he handed over some additional material.

“Well, these are studies on twins. It’s some impressive content, so I brought it in case it helps.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Damia, who haphazardly took this, scanned the documents. Most of it was plain content, but there was a pretty interesting research report about the twins of a wizard.

Damia, who had put it aside, inadvertently asked a question.

“Lessid, did that person, Calix, know how to use divine power?”

“According to the record, he was also a priest. So he must have known how to use it.”

“I see.”

“But unlike his sister, Calix was just an ordinary plain priest. So his divinity wouldn’t have been that great either. At best, he would have had enough to heal wounds.”

Obviously, Lessid was also a priest, so he knew it best. If the divine power of his person named Calix was only that much, he was not at the level that could suppress aging like the Saint.

‘But why is information about Calix not well known?’

Damia was very suspicious of that.

As the prestige of the High Temple was high, the fame of Saint Callistea was also widespread. Damia, a native of the North, well knew it.

However, the fact that the Saint had a twin, and that it was a brother…. This was so unnatural Damia could easily speculate.

‘Instead, the Temple is suppressing information about Calix.’

But why? What kind of man is Calix? Maybe his existence is something to the Saint? She couldn’t figure out why at all.

Damia rubbed her temples, which had begun to throb, and asked one last question.

“Then where and what is Calix doing now?”

“I don’t know.”


“He’s considered missing. From several years ago,”

Lessid stated the great news with a nonchalant face.

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