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But just as she was about to look at his face, his large hand barely touched her face and blocked her vision

“… … don’t— don’t look.”

It was a hoarse voice, like a husky whisper between clenched teeth.

Damia felt his hand trembling painfully as he covered her eyes. His scalding breath that touched her forehead was disturbed and in a mess.

‘No way.’

Are you even crying? The same Akkard Valerian of this world?

Damia blinked her eyes in incredulity; she couldn’t believe what was happening. Her long eyelashes brushed against the palm of his hand, and it suddenly stiffened and quickly fell off as if he had been burned.

At that moment, Damia opened her eyes. But Akkard had already turned his back, hiding his face, and was moving away.

Like a coward running away.

He was such a large man he was daunting to look at, but strangely, his back now looked small, pitiful, and shabby. So Damia couldn’t take her eyes off her.

A ‘shabby’ Akkard Valerian. Previously, it would have been a completely inappropriate adjective.

Nonetheless, the Akkard of that day left a strange ripple in Damia’s heart. Like the single tear he dropped.


The capital, Pelmonium, was a lively place.

Damia went to the meeting place and looked around. The streets were packed with crowds, and it was amazing to see shops overflowing with sophisticated store decorations and various solicitation activities.

In particular, what Damia noticed was the large fountain. It wasn’t easy to see such an outdoor fountain in the north. For after summer, the waterways and pipes froze and burst, causing chaos.

From street vendors selling novel fruits to exotic grocery stores to unique blossoms in the baskets of flower girls.

It was a very different scenery from the north. All the unfamiliarity momentarily dazed Damia.

“What do you think?”

With a voice as sweet as honey, a bouquet of bright peach-colored flowers suddenly popped out right under her nose.

“Oh my goodness!”

Flustered, Damia received the bouquet and hugged it. Then, looking back, she slapped her opponent with a playful smirk.

“You surprised me, Mr. Lessid.”

A man with eyes as fresh as the greenery of midsummer was standing there. Moreover, he dressed in a fashionable outfit perfect for the capital, Pelmonium.

“Miss Damia.”

Lessid is back. He had returned from investigating the temple to find out what Damia had asked the other day.

“Your face is better than the last time I saw you. Have you adjusted to life in the capital?”

Lessid asked, looking down at her with his tall stature. Even though it seemed like a joke, Damia answered sincerely with a smile in case he was worried about her heart.

“Yes, it was a little difficult at first, but… … I think I can manage.”

“I see. That’s good.”

“But what kind of flowers are these?”

Damia asked, looking down at the bouquet he had given him. Unlike its shy and gentle pink color, the flower was big and flashy, so there was a contrasting charm.

“It is a flower called a peony. They say it is a breed from the eastern continent.”

It’s nice to know the flower’s name, but why did you give it to me? Damia was puzzled as she touched the delicate petals, soft as if they were about to melt. [t1v: ahem, well Damia, pink peonies symbolize beauty and both romantic and non-romantic love, as well as friendship and happiness. Peonies are used in feng shui as cures or calls for love and romance. Placing a bunch of pink peonies in the living room, for example, may invite a new romantic partner into your life, particularly after a breakup.]

Then Lessid reached out and gently grabbed her hand and said,

“Since you look at flowers for a long time, you seem to like pretty things… ….I thought.”

It seemed like an unfamiliarly meaningful remark somehow. Damia was vaguely embarrassed by his gentle whisper, but she responded calmly.

“Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like pretty things?”

At that, Lessid laughed out loud. But, contrary to his sharp impression, his laughter was surprisingly clear and cheerful.


Lessid looked back at her and smiled with his handsome face. And between his dark lips, he asked, revealing his white, even teeth:

“Damia, what do you think of me? Isn’t it pretty?”

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