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Indeed, the long time spent as childhood friends with Kael was not in vain. Even subtle changes that others would not have known, Damia could notice quickly.

‘I’m sure it only rained last night. By dawn, it had already stopped.’

And these days, it was the changing season, so the mornings were just as cold as early winter. Because of this, the wet ground quickly hardened to the point of freezing.

So there was no reason for the mud to get on the soles of Kael’s boots. That is, if he had “really” prayed last night and went to bed early.

‘The other party is also someone who has learned the sword.’

Akkard’s words echoed in her ears. And in order to become a paladin, Kael Roysten has been training in swordsmanship all along.

Perhaps it was Kael who rescued Cesare last night. He had been following Cesare like an older brother he looked up to ever since he was a child.

And… … .

‘Kael, who became a paladin, does not move unless it’s by the orders of the Saint.’

Therefore, the person really behind the ‘Cesare Rescue Case’ was probably the Saint. With this, Damia’s suspicions that the Saint had some kind of relationship with Cesare were confirmed.

On the first day she saw her, Saint Callistea had asked,

‘Those who are in Lady’s family… … How are they doing?’

Damia now seemed to know whose news the Saint had been curious about.

‘It’s most likely Cesare, who had disappeared. If not… … .’

Surprisingly, it may be his biological mother, Noella.

“But Dami,”

At the same time, Kael asked as if curious.

“What were you going to say about the Saint?”


At Kael’s question, she suddenly came to her senses. And in a hurry to not reveal her thoughts, she gave an insincere answer:

“It’s no different. I was upset that I was disrespectful to the Saint last time.”

In fact, Damia had never been rude to the Saint in the slightest. But for Kael, this excuse would work best.

“I know how much you care for Callistea-nim. But, I couldn’t stand the thought that I had made her uncomfortable.”

Damia pretended to look sad and lowered her eyes. Then, Kael’s eyes fluttered slightly.

“… … It’s okay. Damia, I know you didn’t do it on purpose.”

His reaction was as expected. Nevertheless, she did not miss the opportunity and continued to push.

“So, Kael, if you don’t mind, I… … I wanted to apologize directly to the Saint.”

“What? Directly to the Saint?”

Kael was bewildered at her unexpected request. But Damia felt the necessity of seeing the Saint one more time.

She had to make sure she was really behind Cesare’s rescue. And… … .

‘There is one more strange thing.’

Heinrich, apparently, secretly locked Cesare up in an abandoned palace for confidentiality reasons. But how did the Saint know and save Cesare?

‘Does the Saint have that kind of power?’

No, she didn’t think so. A thought suddenly passed through Damia’s head as she was contemplating.

‘At that time, that necklace Cesare was wearing…’

It was a very strange necklace with the pattern of the forbidden brand engraved on it. Damia thought that the chain must have a hidden function.

‘There are not only one or two things that are suspicious.’

In any case, she had to meet the Saint in person to settle all these doubts. However, Kael was not willing to accept her request easily.

“Damia, that’s a bit difficult to do. The Saint isn’t easy to meet in person.”

“If it makes her uncomfortable, the Saint will reject it. So just pass on a word, will you?”

“I am the Saint’s shadow and servant. And no shadow ever comes out to the sun and asks the owner first.”

Kael politely refused her earnest request. But as if feeling guilty, his light gray eyes fluttered slightly.

It was but of course. He already had a history of declining Damia’s confession. Additionally, last time he was rather cold to Damia, covering up for the Saint.

In fact, he was well aware of the fact that he was too harsh on her. But, nevertheless, Damia was willing to apologize first.

But he had to turn down her request. At this point, Kael had no choice but to have a guilty conscience.

‘I’m so sorry.’

Damia noticed the signs of her childhood friend’s inner conflict. Then, seeing an opportunity, she asked more pathetically.

“I know, Saint-nim is a busy person. So you only have to ask her once. If she refuses, I will give up without regrets, please?”

Damia, who put her hands together, sent him a desperate look. And she laid the groundwork that Kael couldn’t refuse.

“Perhaps the Saint would welcome it too. There was a question she asked me last time, but I didn’t get a chance to answer. She was very curious… … .”

So she hinted that the Saint would also want to talk to her. As a result, Kael lost even his last reason for refusal.

“… … I see. I’ll just say one word to her.”

Kael raised his hands and spoke as if he couldn’t help it. Damia smiled and held his hand affectionately.

“Thank you so much, Kael.”

It was as if they had returned to their childhood; It was a friendly touch without hesitation. At this, Kael sighed and laughed as if he couldn’t help it.

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  1. So….Kael is not indifferent to Dami, he’s pretending to be the Saint’s sunflower (In front of Dami at least) for ‘reasons’ and he has been cold to Dami for her own protection? I’m grateful to the translator’s work, so no shade here, but geeeez, how I wish I could understand the raws T-T . The wait between chapters is so hard, I wanna know everything, everywhere, all at once about this story!

    1. from what I see, he’s been (willingly) brainwashed into becoming cesare and the saint’s henchman, essentially. in that sense, his feelings for everyone else – even close childhood friends like dami – get thrown out the window and all his energy and effort is put into serving what are essentially his masters blindly and without complaint. I don’t know if he can distinguish between right and wrong at this point, but it seems it doesn’t matter either way; he’s just going to do what they ask of him. pathetic sack of shit.

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