PCP – 192

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“What happened?”

Damia asked as if she had been waiting as soon as he sat down.

She couldn’t understand it all. How did Cesare, who was interrogated and injured, be able to evade the guard and escape?

‘Didn’t they say that his legs were crushed?’

Akkard lowered his gloomy eyes in response to her question. And he started talking.

“How? I’m not sure. He was unconscious, but it rained hard last night. And the place where Cesare was imprisoned was rather poorly guarded.”

They had no choice but to do so. If Cesare was imprisoned in the dungeon of the royal palace, the news would surely reach the ears of the Great Shrine. Because the royal palace was already full of pro-temple nobility.

Therefore, Heinrich secretly locked him up in a deserted palace. Assigning several reliable royal knights to guard him.

This was the best way to keep secrets from leaking out.

“But they escaped at dawn, taking advantage of the rainy night. They also dragged his crippled legs.”

“What about the royal knights? You said they were guards.”

“Everyone was subdued. Someone must have helped and rescued Cesare from the outside.”

Without that, it was impossible for Cesare, whose legs were trampled, to run away. He didn’t even learn swordsmanship, so how could he subdue the knights of the royal palace alone?

“Didn’t you see who helped?”

“He was wearing a mask. It is certain that he also learned the sword or we wouldn’t have been so blindsided…. … .”

The opponent cleverly attacked.

It was the night when the rain was noisy, so no signs of approaching could be heard. Visibility was very narrow because of the heavy rain.

Taking advantage of this, he was quite clever and experienced.

“… … That’s how it happened.”

Finally, after Damia’s faint voice, there was a thick silence. And it was usually at times like this that crushes deepened.

Akkard bit his lip and stole a glance at Damia’s profile, worried that she would blame him for being incompetent for losing Cesare.

‘Still, I did save her from her warehouse. So maybe… … Wouldn’t that open up her heart a little bit?’

Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t. Damia remembered getting help from him but didn’t regard it with a pure purpose.

‘It must have been that the Crown Prince ordered it. Because if I failed to steal the black perfume, it would be troublesome.’

There was no saving. Rather, it was closer to the feeling of cooperation among allies with the same goal.

So Damia could not have a dramatic emotional change.

Akkard, unaware of this, looked at her indifferent face with his heart burning inside. There’s something he really wanted to check with her, but it wasn’t the right opportunity to ask.

The words he heard while interrogating Cesare lingered in his ears for three days, and he could not sleep properly.

‘Is it true….there is a man you like?’

The wicked Cesare did not want to break down alone, even when questioned. Instead, with his bound body, he attacked Akkard with his mouth.

‘You—cough—You’ve been deluding yourself about having her, haven’t you? Just because you slept with Damia over and over.’

‘Don’t put Damia in that dirty mouth.’

‘Argh—Cough! Ugh, I will concede that you have an advantage over me, but wait!’

Despite being kicked harshly, Cesare started to laugh out loud. Then, he cackled as he told Akkard unacceptable anecdotes that would only hasten his death.

‘She doesn’t love you, me—no one! We’re in the same boat anyway!’

‘… … I told you to shut up!!’

But the snake’s cunning tongue flicked swiftly and poisoned him. A poison named ‘Kael Roysten.’

‘Don’t be stupid—You’ve been taken advantage of! Used to forget the pain of being broken by Kael. In order to reap at least a little revenge against him.’

‘So,’ Cesare snickered and sneered gleefully, asking, ‘What’s the difference between you and a masturbation tool?’

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